5 Party Themes for New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is not far away, and it’s time to plan a big party to celebrate the event. New Year’s Eve parties are all about waiting for the stroke of midnight and having fun with friends, colleagues and family. It’s up to the host to keep the guests wined, dined, and entertained 12. Celebrating the New Year is the most popular festivity around the globe, and the most popular celebration for it is through a big party. If everything is well coordinated in advance, organizing a New Year’s Eve party is not difficult at all. There are numerous ways to celebrate the New Year. In this article, we will give you just a few ideas for party themes that are perfect for any New Year’s Eve celebration.

New Years Clock and Champagne
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The Numbers Theme

On New Year’s Eve everyone will be watching the clock, so a numbers theme would be fitting. You can place a clock in the middle of the table, surrounded by glittery decor and candles. Or you can cluster together a group of clocks on a riser in the middle of the buffet table. Set all the alarms to midnight. Use cookie cutters that are shaped like numbers to turn brownies and finger sandwiches into numerical treats. Make stick-on numbers for each guest and label their cup or glass.

Eco-friendly Thank You Gifts
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An Eco-friendly Theme

You can also use an eco-friendly theme and decorations for your New Year’s Eve party. Decorate your party room with potted plants and live herbs instead of cut flowers and invite each of your guests to take one home at the end of the party. You may also include a small card with wishes for the New Year along with planting instructions. Light up the party room with candles and LED lights that are eco-friendly.

60s Party
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60’s Theme

Another fun idea would be to organize a New Year’s Eve party with a vintage theme. The 60s was a romantic and exciting era, and many people still love and are nostalgic about those years. Choose the best songs of the 60s along with classic food from that decade. Invite your guests to dress up in the 60’s style and arrange your decorations to match the 60s. You can also organize a contest with prizes for who is the best dressed or most authentic with their 60s dance moves.

Drinking Shots Roulette
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Casino Theme

A casino theme can be great fun for a New Year’s Eve party and your guests will certainly enjoy the festivities of the New Year merged with the glamour of a casino. You can arrange for some classic casino-style elements, such as roulette tables or some card games. Have a small serving staff dressed in casino style. Choose some sophisticated drinks and appetizers to complete the atmosphere.

Function Venue
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A Function Venue Party

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You can rent a function venue for the New Year’s Eve party, and decorate it the way you like with your theme motifs and colors. The advantage of a function venue is that it offers a lot of space, and you can throw a big party if you wish to have a large list of people. A function venue usually offers more function rooms so you can organize a buffet, a bar, and a dancing ring. When you decide on the venue you need to assure that the location is easily accessible to all your guests. It is a good idea to plan an invite list ahead of time so that guests can RSVP, giving you an exact number of guests. People can make their own plans ahead of time which is why you also need to send invitations with enough notice in advance.

The times are different nowadays, and therefore, it’s perfectly alright to send the invitations through email, cell phones or social networks. Set a deadline to RSVP so that you know the exact number of guests with enough time to plan. Choose a theme for your New Year’s Eve party, either from the above or your own. A fun idea can be to can also organize a costume contest.

Finally, the most important thing is to spend this night with people you love, can kiss and say ‘Happy New Year’ to!

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