3 Ways To Enjoy Your Solo Trip Away

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We all love some time to ourselves. But in our busy, hectic lives, it’s so rare that we really get these moments of tranquility. Solo travel is an exciting way to get comfortable with your own company and do exactly what you want when you want. This article is going to look at the three best ways to enjoy your solo trip away.

#1: Get Organized

The beauty of traveling solo is that you get to plan wherever you want to go. Getting organized means that you don’t need to worry about it as much when you get there. Plan how you are getting to your destination, where you are staying, and some of the activities you want to do when you get there.

Plan the highlights like getting to and from your location, the top three things you want to see, and make sure all your travel documents are prepared. Maybe Google ‘left luggage Dublin’ and prebook your luggage storage before you embark on that trip around Ireland.

Be as organized--or unorganized--as you want to be!

At the same time, you don’t want to be overly organized. The beauty of solo travel is that you get to pick the pace you travel at. You don’t want to overbook multiple activities only to become exhausted.

Try to free up time for exploring and unplanned events. This is even more important if you have a tendency to micromanage and over-plan.

#2: Treat Yourself

How often do we go for dinner, or take ourselves on a date? Take your time, make some memories, and take yourself out for a date. Traveling on your own is fun but tiring, so make sure you pencil in some time for some essential self-care and don’t rush through your itinerary. You might want to take yourself to a yoga class, a massage, or a facial.

Treat yourself while on your trip!

If you are missing a bit of conversation, that’s okay too. You could plan some activities that send you out with a group, sit at a bar on a night out, or even call a friend if you just want a familiar voice at the end of the phone. Solo travel is exciting and worth it, but sometimes we all just want someone to talk to. 

#3: Let Go Of Expectations

Solo travel isn’t always going to be this huge growth opportunity. Sometimes you might find you like to travel with others, or that you’re proud you did it but won’t be rushing off on solo travel again.

Let go of the expectations!

You might want to make money while you travel, or try a two-day city break before you go off for a month alone. Each person’s idea of solo travel is unique to them. 

This also means you should try to let go of any expectations or pressures you might have put on yourself. You don’t need to achieve A, B, and C before you come home from your trip. It doesn’t matter if you booked the wrong train journey. Things will go wrong on your solo travel, and that’s just part of the journey.

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