The Five Most Bizarre Homes In The World

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Everyone has seen wacky and wild homes that have a variety of odd colors and interesting designs, but the United States isn’t the only place that you’ll find these wild and wacky homes. From Germany to South Korea, you will never cease to be amazed by these crazy homes. Check out the five most bizarre homes that you will find around the world.

Verrueckte Haus (Germany)

The name of this house literally means “Wacky House,” and it’s found in the northern part of Germany in a small town called Bispingen. Thousands of visitors come to the home every year to check out the dizzying residence. The whole house is literally upside down! The house stands twenty-three feet tall, and even the inside décor is screwed into place. The bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room are all upside down, thanks to the help of steel plates that keep the furniture nice and secure.

Toilet-Shaped House (South Korea)

The chairman of the World Toilet Association has a home that represents his love for the porcelain god. The Sim Jae-duck lives in a 4,520 square foot toilet shaped home that he hopes to use to fuel his “toilet revolution.” In the center of the home is an elaborate bathroom that has a floor to ceiling glass window that turns opaque with one button touch for ultimate privacy.

The Cube Houses (The Netherlands)

In Rotterdam, Netherlands, there sits an architectural experiment known as the Cube Houses. These houses function as a “village within a town.” The bottom floor of all these homes is a public area shared between the houses that are connected. The “cubes” on top function as two-floor private residences. Each corner of the cube accommodates different rooms.

The Igloo House (Faroe Islands)

Tucked away in the Kvivik village is a cozy getaway that looks like a tiny, modern igloo. The cottage is only about 300 square feet, but it’s a great attempt at a bungalow that appeals to the green crowd. The roof is set up to keep the interior of the “igloo” warm by using plant life. It contains a loft with a double bed, a living room, bathroom, and kitchen.   Definitely gives home building a cool twist.

The Cinnamon Submarine (Spain)

In Madrid, the Instituto de Arquitectura Avanzada de Catalunya created a solar powered house known as the Fab Lab house, but it also goes by a variety of names, including the one listed above. The design of the house is quite quaint, but the technology within is nothing to be messed with. The home features some of the world’s most efficient solar panels.

The Dolphin House (Japan)

The Dolphin House is one of the most interesting houses out there. Japan is known for its innovative architecture, but this takes the cake. This one-story house literally looks like a dolphin and features several windows and several quaint entrances. On top of that, the dolphin-shaped house is a pretty dolphin gray. Overall, this house doesn’t have a lot of pizzazz, but the shape is enough to make you take a second look.


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