Skills You Need To Be a Top Fashion Blogger

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When we look at a fashion blog, we often think it’s just a website with beautiful clothes, bags, and accessories, usually accompanied by superficial descriptions. Often, we find that fashion blogger has it easy; all they have to do is grab an iPhone, take a shot of the bag, and boom, they are done. Unfortunately, this is an inaccurate assessment of a fashion blogger. It requires skills that do not just blossom overnight but take years of experience they’ve cultivated.

Looking at “Sex and the City,” you will understand that Carrie Bradshaw had to go through many sexual relationships and encounters to become the best well-known sex columnist in Manhattan, New York. Similarly, fashion blogging requires skills that differentiate them from other writers.

If you’re thinking of becoming a fashion blogger and living the dream, or just wondering what it takes to become a great fashion blogger, here are a set of skills that a fashion blogger should have to thrive in the industry:

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Be a fashion expert

If you think wearing something pretty will make you a fashion blogger, you are in the wrong line of thinking. Being a fashion blogger is more than just putting on clothes; it’s about having a fashion sense and living in the fashion world.

It would be best to be informed about new fashion trends, updates, and celebrity styles, which means browsing fashion magazines daily and attending fashion shows whenever possible. One of the most popular trends right now is K-pop fashion. You don’t have to be a K-pop fan to appreciate the eye-catching aesthetic style.

You also have to be very knowledgeable about brand names; for example, if someone were to blindfold you, you should be able to sniff out the difference between an authentic Louis Vuitton and a fake one! Frequent trips to the mall and other brand-name stores are required; you would need to make it a weekly thing to check out what’s new and hot and what’s not.

You will also need to purchase a lot of clothes and experiment with what type of outfits go with what accessories and compare them in front of the mirror. From all this fashion experience, you will eventually form opinions about different brands.

After all, just like what the Buddhist teaching says, “True wisdom comes from experience.” You must have good experience to be a successful fashion influencer. To get that, you will need to live in the fashion world.

top fashion blogger


If you are already a trendy girl who always wears the latest fashion and accessories, then it’s time to check out your writing skills. The content is the most essential part of being a fashion blogger. You must know how to tell a story and convey a message to keep your audience engaged. This can be the most challenging part because if you are not used to writing, prepare for “writer’s block”!

Get ready for hours of staring at your computer with only a single word or sentence on your blog. Even the best of the writers get them, so don’t worry! Once you master your writing techniques, your creativity and inspiration will flow effortlessly from your head down to your fingers and onto the computer. It takes some experience to hone the skill, but it’s worth it.

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Fashion bloggers are like fine wine; they get better as time passes. You will only grow and develop into a better blogger the more you practice and keep your blog active. If you continuously produce excellent content, you will build a huge fan base and eventually become an official authority in the fashion world.

You can check out information on writing a descriptive essay if you need guidance. Content writing is very similar to this type of essay, but it’s a little more active, engaging, and intriguing.

top fashion blogger


Aside from writing, you must know how to take a proper picture. A simple snap from your iPhone is not enough. You must invest in a pretty good camera like the one from Canon.

Before putting the photos on the blog, taking some photography classes and experimenting with lighting is advisable. The photography class will also teach you to Photoshop and edit your image.

Experiment with your camera and Photoshop to see what works for you. Keep in mind that it’s the combination of the photo and the words that captivate your readers. The images need to look very delicious and alluring.

Your words may be the skeleton of the post, but the picture is the skin. It needs to instill the thought that the reader would need to read more and stay longer on the blog to find more information about this particular product or how they can get it. The image also sets the reputation of your blog. Sometimes, people will not read the content, but l look and admire the photos.

Know how to build a website.

In the past, bloggers and web developers had to be very knowledgeable about HTML. Fortunately, technological advancements have made the website-building platform very easy to use. The best place to start a blog would be WordPress and Blogspot.

It’s advisable to have some knowledge of HTML or CSS, and if you are interested in being a fashion blogger, knowing your way around your website platform is an excellent idea. Once you get the hang of things, you are on your way to becoming a fashion blogger.

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Social Media

When we open our eyes in the morning, we first grab our iPhones and check our social media page. Social media has become a big part of our lives. We depend on it to keep an eye on the world.

We want to know what our friends and families are doing or the latest trends in the news. If you want to become a fashion blogger, social media is necessary.

The top platforms to use would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media is a way to communicate with your audience. People have an unlimited thirst for knowledge; they want to learn something. For a fashion blogger to thrive, posting updates is a must, and they must be posts with knowledgeable information, an interesting post, or anything that will make people think about your blog because there are so many people on social media, it’s ranked on the top page of Google.

You are missing out if your blog is not on any social media platform. It’s a straightforward and convenient way for people to find your blog and a way for them to share their ideas on your platform. The more followers and likes you get, the more influential you are.

When people start interacting with your social media, they attract other readers to come in and share their thoughts and ideas. This will create a community that can constantly bring traffic to your blog. This is why a fashion blogger must be an expert in social media.


To be a successful fashion blogger, you must also have perseverance. One common problem with bloggers is that they quit too quickly. It can be discouraging to know that you work hard on the blog post, but nobody goes in to read it, and then you are most likely to feel bad and stop writing. It’s essential to get out of that mindset that it’s not very helpful if no one reads it.

The main thing about blogging is developing new ideas and trends daily. You will need to create content and post despite not having any readers.

It takes a while, but eventually, you’ll start seeing more people coming into your blog. This is because the more you update, the more Google will target your blog to the top of the search engine. Keep in mind that this is all part of SEO.

You usually go online from Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. So, updating your blog or posting new material in those time frames is essential. If you can’t, you can schedule your blog to update at those times or later, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Avoid blogging too much on the weekend. On the weekend, people are often out with their families doing an activity, so there will be fewer people online.

The main idea here is perseverance. You want to blog about three times a week. If you can, try blogging five to seven times a week. If you can’t, three times a week will do.

Because of the work you will have to do as a fashion blogger, it’s essential to love what you do and have a passion for the industry.

top fashion blogger

SEO is your friend

Seo stands for search engine optimization, a fantastic tool, and fashion bloggers must know the basics. If you post about a handbag, you must know what keywords to use. Remember that Google has a robot to scan your post for specific keywords. This is important because whenever someone types keywords for that particular handbag that you are writing about, you want them to find your blog on Google.

This is why, before blogging, it’s best to write down a list of words that you will have on your content for Google to pinpoint you. There are some SEO tools that you can use in the blogging platform that can generate a list of keywords for you or identify If your post is SEO-friendly. It is highly recommended to do some research or take a course related to a Seo.


Fashion blogging is not about sitting on your desk and typing on the computer for hours. To thrive in this industry, you must network like you mean it. It’s essential to know people in the fashion industry and to attend fashion events, catwalks, and parties.

This way, you can get inside tips and new fashion trends and grasp opportunities that might benefit your blog. This is also a way to gain guest posts and new ideas.

Networking will allow you to meet celebrities in the fashion world. Who knows, you might end up getting an excellent internship. If you get training, this can be a blessing for your blog.

Fashion internships will give you a lot of experience and perspective of the fashion world in a very personal way. This way, you will have more ideas when you write a post. Plus, you get access to trendy clothes, shoes, and other accessories that you can use for your blog.

A true fashion blogger has many skill sets they would need to succeed. You will need a lot of time and dedication to cultivate your skills as a blogger. However, the most important thing is to have fun.

You have to love what you’re doing. Whenever you get an idea, get excited to write about it on your blog and let the whole world know. This is how you know that you are a true fashion blogger.

It’s the idea of sharing what you know to the public. If you ever feel overwhelmed or unhappy with your work, definitely connect with other bloggers and see what advice you can get from them. Blogging can be a fantastic adventure that can open up many doors, opportunities, and a chance to meet new people.

If you’re thinking of becoming a fashion blogger and live the dream, or just wondering what it takes to become a great fashion blogger, here are a set of skills that a fashion blogger should have in order to thrive in the industry:

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