Professional Tools That Make Life Easy For Business Owners

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Professional Tools That Make Life Easy For Business Owners

Business owners are hard-working, driven, and busy people. Starting a business is not be the easiest thing to do, but if you are the kind of person who thrives on challenges, it could well be the most exciting and satisfying task you ever take up. No matter how stiff the competition is in your chosen niche, you can make your business a success by paying careful attention to all the critical aspects during set up. What’s important is that you find ways to make life easy for you as you work on building your business.

Making a business plan, arranging finances, addressing risks with insurance, hiring skilled staff, taking on the right projects—all these are things you need to handle. To make it easier for you to taste success within the shortest possible time, you can also make use of the many tools that are available today to manage many of the critical tasks a business owner must address. Take a look at a few that you may find incredibly useful: 


NetSuite helps business owners

Oracle’s offering to the business world, NetSuite, has earned a reputation for being a very efficient and comprehensive ERP solution. Get all your back-end processes, be it accounting or e-commerce or CRM, managed efficiently. The tool gives you the convenience of reports on call to tell you how each aspect of your business is looking at any moment. To improve visibility across your business organization and to have the valuable back-up of capable business intelligence, you need a tool exactly like this one. It helps business owners improve operational efficiency, keep a close watch on cash flow, curb unnecessary costs, and ensure all back-end systems are working seamlessly.


KeyOffice software is great for businesses

KeyOffice is a solution package specially designed for small businesses. It virtually helps you run your business and is also one of the more affordable options out there.  A comprehensive solution, KeyOffice addresses ERP needs as well as business intelligence and CRM.  With inventory management, multiple tracking systems, financial management, and marketing management, KeyOffice adequately covers all bases for your startup. This tool is available in Android/iOS versions as well as on the cloud and web.

Zoho One

Zoho One is a great tool if you run a small business

Advertised as a single operating system for your entire business, Zoho One can replace a host of applications and tools with just one easy-to-use product. This tool is a set of apps that have been integrated to provide a seamless suite of solutions. It is fully customizable, so you can tweak it to match your business perfectly. You can also automate your business processes by using the tool across platforms. Integrate the software with computers and mobile devices to manage day-to-day activities on all your devices. Business owners are often on the go, so being able to access Zoho One on your phone is fantastic.


Hootsuite makes life easier for business owners

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No business can afford to ignore what the online audience is saying about it, what its reputation is among internet users. If you find it a mind-boggling exercise to keep track of reviews and comments about you on the internet, Hootsuite has just the tool you can use. This is a social media listening tool that lets you track all your social sites with one easy-to-handle tool. You can do more than track what is said about you with this tool. You can also consistently maintain your social media activity by using the post scheduling feature to ensure you always give something new for your followers to see.  You can also measure user engagement quite efficiently with this tool.  

EquityNet business planner

EquityNet is a great tool for business owners

As the owner of a business, you are aware that arranging for finances is a big part of being able to explore new ideas and expand your business to take it to the next level. When you set out to do any of this, you need more money. With EquityNet’s free crowdfunding platform, you are in an excellent position to make your dream reach potential investors. This tool allows you to create, assess, and share your business plan with scores of people, who may then be keen to invest in your business once you share it on their website.

A Bonus Resource

Every business owner needs the latest technology. How else are you going to stay cutting edge and be able to use all of these tremendous professional tools?

Take a look at our 9 Innovative Tech Gifts You Should Know About to see what you should invest in to take your business to the next level.

Now Get to Work!

It is not just enough to set up the office and hire the right people if you want your business to succeed. You have to prepare for the risks that your business will encounter, as well as the day-to-day management of operations. Insurance covers the former, and now you have a whole host of tools and tech to help you with the latter.

Professional Tools That Make Life Easy For Business Owners

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