Make More Money By Selling Stuff You Don’t Want

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Make More Money By Selling Stuff You Don't Want

Everyone needs to eliminate clutter, especially if you’re still living at home. Whether it’s clothes you had in middle school, old toys, or outdated electronics, chances are your closet is hiding many random things!

Let’s be honest:

Sorting through all that clutter might not seem worth it. Maybe you have way too much, and the task seems impossible. Or perhaps you’re afraid to get rid of anything because of nostalgia. Letting it sit there like a time capsule is much easier. But you have to deal with your stuff sometimes!

Why not earn extra cash by clearing out some of that clutter? With tons of marketplace-selling apps available, selling stuff you don’t want anymore has never been easier. Check out some of our favorites below, and get ready to clear your closet while stuffing your pocketbook!

Why Should I Start Selling Stuff?

Here’s the thing:

Before downloading apps and going through your stuff, taking a step back to make a plan is good. First, think about why you are doing this. Do you have too much clutter that is taking over your home? Are you planning on moving out of your parent’s house and don’t want to move a bunch of crap? Do you want some extra cash flow coming in?

Next, figure out what you will use your extra money for. Paying off debt is a fantastic way to use side hustle money and applies to almost everyone. But maybe you’d instead save for a dream vacation or that hot new purse. Moving into a bigger apartment or buying a new phone might be on your agenda.

Once you determine what you want to save for, you will know how hard to focus on selling stuff through marketplace apps. For instance, if you have a more significant item you want to pay for, you probably want to search your entire house for things to sell. You might also want to part with things you have been keeping around but for no real purpose, including your cars, and once you think about how to sell your Porsche, finding the right platform becomes crucial for maximizing its value and reaching potential buyers effectively.

On the other hand, those who want to spend some extra money can take it easy. Whenever you find something in a drawer or closet you don’t use anymore, throw up a listing. You won’t make as much, but it won’t take as much work.

bookshelf and armchair


Decluttr specializes in second-hand tech items. You know all those old CDs, DVDs, and video games you have sitting around collecting dust? This site makes it easy to clear out your collection and make some quick cash. They also take books, Legos, and tech devices like phones and tablets!

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Just enter the barcode of the item you want to sell, and Decluttr will instantly make you an offer. On the app, you can even scan the barcode! With guaranteed payment the day after they receive your items and free shipping, Decluttr is one of the most reputable resale options.

Pack up to 200 (!) items into a box, slap on the prepaid shipping prepaid, and send your stuff in its merry way. It’s so easy, and there’s no waiting around to see if someone wants your items . . . Decluttr does that hard work for you!

Decluttr is perfect for people who want to go digital with their music or movie collections. DVDs and CDs take up a surprising amount of space, so selling them will clear out tons of clutter and bring you a good amount of extra cash.

Sign up for Decluttr here.


Not everyone has the time, energy, or knowledge of online reselling to make tons of money this way. If you don’t want to bother with the logistics of selling stuff, Gone is the ideal app for you.

To start, upload a photo of the item you want to get rid of straight to the app. Gone then decides if your item can be resold and makes you an offer on it. Drop your item in the prepaid shipping send, then sit back and relax while the app finds a buyer for you.

The best part?

If your item doesn’t sell in 30 days, you can either agree to list it at a lower price or receive it back at no cost to you. This way, you don’t have to feel that you didn’t get a fair price on an item you once loved.

Another cool feature of this app is its payment options. You can choose to receive your payment via PayPal, on your credit card, or in the form of an Amazon eGift Card. That little personalization puts Gone ahead of the curve with other marketplace apps.

The only downside to this app is that it only accepts electronics and tech gadgets. It’s a great way to make some cash from your old camera, phone, or laptop when you upgrade, but selling opportunities are pretty limited for most of us. Being on a strict budget, I tend to hang onto my electronics for an embarrassingly long time, so even when I upgrade, my old stuff won’t be worth much. But if you’re a tech guru, Gone is a great way to fill your wallet!

Sign up for Gone here.

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You’ve probably seen its unique commercials on TV, and  LetGo is as easy as they show. Sellers keep 100% of their sales, making it the ideal app for people on a budget. Without paying fees, you can rack up that extra money super fast!

There are no shipping fees, as buyers and sellers arrange to meet in person to complete the sale. Shipping is discouraged! LetGo has an in-app chat feature for interacting with other members so you can set up your in-person transactions.

The app is as much about building a sense of community with other people in your area as it is about getting rid of your junk. Unlike shadier platforms like Craigslist, though, LetGo lets you view detailed profiles of other members and enables you to sign up via Facebook as a verification measure. No more worrying about getting murdered when you’re just trying to drop off your old bike.

To create a listing, upload up to five pictures of your item, write a description, and set your price. You can even make a custom commercial for your listing to make it more appealing to buyers! LetGo has everything from electronics and books to collectibles and clothes, so it’s perfect for clearing out everything hiding in your closet.

Sign up for LetGo here.


EBay powers Close5, so you know it’s a legit choice for selling stuff. This one is an excellent choice if you don’t have the time or energy to create many listings. Snap up to four photos using the in-app camera to list the item. You don’t even have to add a price or description if you don’t want to!

Adding these things will help people find your listings faster and make selling stuff go faster. This speedy listing process is excellent for when you’re purging your closet and want to list things ASAP. Plus, you can always edit them with a price and description later.

Though Close5 doesn’t have shipping options and encourages in-person meetings for the item swap, it’s one of the safest apps. The in-app chat feature allows you to communicate with your buyer without revealing personal information like your phone number or email. The chat feature also only works when you agree on a buyer’s offer, so weirdos or annoyingly persistent people won’t harass you.

This app also lets you stick to a radius as small as five miles, with the option of expanding outward. That makes it ideal for ladies without a car or who don’t feel like running all over town. With its authentic local selling vibe, Close5 is this century’s answer to the yard sale. Who knows, you might even meet a new friend or boo that lives in your neighborhood!

Sign up for Close5 here.

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Attention all fashionistas! Do you have some gently used clothes you aren’t in love with anymore? Poshmark can help you make significant money. This app specializes in pre-loved clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

This app is the perfect option if you don’t mind paying a small fee to ensure your stuff is OUTTA HERE. The app’s camera allows you to snap up to four photos of your item, write a short description, and answer questions like size and condition.

Sellers set their prices, but Poshmark suggests leaving wiggle room for negotiation and considering factors like brand popularity and condition when pricing. For example, if you’re selling a sweater riddled with pilling, ask for a lower price. Selling stories are selling super in-demand brands like Nike or Lilly Pulitzer. Are you pricing these items higher, as they will sell quickly and for more money?

The app charges a flat fee of $2.95 for sales under $15 and a 20 percent commission for larger orders. Luckily, though, sellers never have to pay shipping fees. Poshmark sends you a pre-paiprepaidpe addressed to your buyer that you slip your item into and drop into a mailbox.

Poshmark is also super professional about paying its sellers. You can receive a check in the mail or directly deposit it into your bank account. There’s nothing like making cold, hard cash! If you have a closet full of name-brand clothing and accessories you don’t wear anymore, you can make a bunch of money selling stuff through this app.

Sign up for Poshmark here.

How To Manage Your Earnings

Now that you’ve made some extra dough, blowing it all on a shopping spree or night out with friends is tempting. Who doesn’t love a treat-yourself type day (or month or year)? Resist the urge and try saving that money instead.

Start by putting all your new-found money into a separate savings account so you’re not tempted to spend it. This also helps you know how much you have earned from your side hustle. Then, head to Invibed Wealth Coaching to learn the best ways to manage your earnings. Invibed offers personalized wealth coaching services. No matter your financial goals, they can help you achieve them.

Their affordable prices, non-judgemental attitude, and straightforward explanations make financial planning accessible to everyone. From personalized budgeting strategies to financial guidance, you’ll quickly turn your clutter-clearing cash into actual savings! Whether you love crunching numbers or finances are like a foreign language, Invibed has you covered.

Sign up for Invibed Wealth Coaching here.

Need more advice on managing your money? Check out the video below. In it, you’ll learn the bare-bones basics of understanding your finances!

Who knew there were so many fantastic marketplace apps for selling stuff? I love that each one has something unique about it. Everyone from techies to fashionistas to homebodies can find an app to bust through their clutter! I think Close5 is the app I’d use most. I live in a heavily populated neighborhood, so many potential buyers are within five miles of me.

Now that you’re an expert at selling stuff, who knows how much extra cash you’ll make? Say goodbye to your high school clothes and hello to a stacked savings account. Just remember you don’t have to part with everything. Those N*SYNC CDs are sacred!

Have you used any of the apps I discussed above? Which one is your favorite? Do you have other suggestions for apps that help you clear clutter? Let us know in the comments below!

Make More Money By Selling Stuff You Don't WantMake More Money By Selling Stuff You Don't Want







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