What You Need To Know To Make Money Printing T-Shirts

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What You Need To Know To Make Money Printing T-Shirts

Many of us love to work a good side hustle. Maybe you need to supplement your income because your full-time job doesn’t pay enough, or perhaps you recently lost your job. Either way, a side hustle can be a creative outlet and a way to earn extra money. Maybe making t-shirts is the way to go for you! Here’s what to know about printing t-shirts to make money.

Printing custom t-shirts using a stock of blank t-shirts like this is one way to make money. Printing t-shirts from the comfort of your home or in a studio is a great way to make significant income, express your creativity, and make other people happy.

What’s the t-shirt business like?

Printing t-shirts is a relatively simple business. The actual process of making shirts isn’t tricky.

There’s a basic screen printing process that is easy to do. Due to its user-friendly nature and various online tutorials, you can learn the process quickly. Practically anyone can do it by themselves with the help of handy tools and a few products purchased from a craft store. There are other printing methods as well, such as DTF printing, which offer a different approach. DTF printers allow for more detailed and colorful designs, making them a go-to choice for many small businesses and hobbyists. This technique, though, requires more advanced equipment and is generally considered harder to master than basic screen printing.

The most important thing when printing t-shirts to make money is storage. A successful t-shirt printing business requires a team to publish and sell many orders regularly, so you need space. 

Any aspiring screen printers should be able to store their original shirts in a convenient area. As the business owner, you must also be able to call in extra help when you have a large shipment to process. Many t-shirt printing companies are small operations with limited staff to design, package, and distribute orders, which may affect a business’s output.

Tasks such as marketing your brand and developing the designs printed on the shirts themselves will be the biggest challenge.

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Benefits of this side hustle

On a seemingly daily basis, new waves of fads, memes, or style trends are popping up. When you run your own t-shirt printing business, you can capitalize on that! A talented artist can capture all of these trends on a t-shirt. Unlike large corporations that mass produce fast fashion, T-shirt printers focus on the spurs to keep up with the latest fads.

Another great benefit of printing custom T-shirts is its relative simplicity. An aspiring T-shirt printer doesn’t have to be an expert artist, nor do you need a considerable amount of money for upfront costs. You will only need a team of willing contributors to produce the shirts and the right equipment.

Most aspiring screen printers will have a vision for their t-shirt collection. Of course, you will likely feature a variety of colors and designs. And that’s all you need! There is a decent chance you can start this business and succeed without an art degree or considerable experience. Just focus on having the suitable materials.

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Another benefit is that it’s easy to sell your creation, thanks to sites like Etsy. All you need is to create an account, set up your store, and start sharing! Sign up with Etsy today.

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How to start

Anyone interested in printing t-shirts should focus on what designs they want to sell. Having suitable methods is the key to any t-shirt printing business. Survey the market and identify what your target market is interested in. 

Next, you must set up your Etsy store or website and decide on their marketing strategy. You must pick the right marketing mix to reach your target demographic.

The next step will involve fulfilling shipping and storage requirements for the business. 

The final stage involves learning how to print your T-shirts physically. The process will feature some trial and error but is relatively simple. To successfully print a custom T-shirt, you’ll need a collection of inexpensive materials and a considerable amount of care. You’ll be ready for business once you’re a confident screen printer and can produce a shirt reliably.


The t-shirt printing process is not a guaranteed source of income. People who print t-shirts aren’t simply destined to become millionaires and run a large factory. However, if you want to print t-shirts as a side hustle and follow the tips above, you’ll enjoy yourself and make some money while at it!

What You Need To Know To Make Money Printing T-Shirts

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