3 Ways To Earn & Save Money From Things You’re Already Doing

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We all love getting something for nothing. And it’s even better when we don’t have to go out of our way to get it. This may seem too good to be true, there are plenty of ways for you to make or save money. Mostly on things you’re already doing, with little to no change in how you do them!

Most of these techniques just require a little setup, then you’re ready to start earning money from them.

#1: Honey

Honey is a browser extension that automatically applies coupons to your online shopping when you’re about to checkout. All it takes is one click!

Honey tests all the different discount codes it has in its database for that store. Which couldpotentially saving you a lot of money!

Being able to save money should be high on everyone's list!

There are over 30,000 sites that work with Honey and it’s used by 17 million people every day. Whether it’s clothes, furniture, or food delivery, Honey has you covered,with its users saving on average $126 a year.

Honey even compares Amazon sellers! It factors in shipping and Prime accounts to make sure you’re getting the best deal when you checkout. There are also price history and price tracking tools. These will allow you to make lists of items you’d like to buy. And, on top of that, it will send you a notification when the price drops.

There is also a rewards system built into Honey, where shopping will earn you Honey Gold which can then be redeemed for gift cards at your favorite stores – it’s like you’re saving twice!

#2: Rewards Cards

Most retail and online stores offer rewards cards to their customers these days as a way of cultivating brand loyalty. While a lot of people are resistant to the idea, they’re missing out on free money!

These rewards cards give people points on items that they buy which can then be redeemed for store credit. Whether you’re always on the lookout for gifts to buy or like to treat yourself; if you’re a regular customer of a store that offers one of these cards, you’d be foolish not to sign up for one.

It’s not only boutique stores that offer these kinds of rewards to their customers, supermarkets such as Walmart have introduced loyalty programs to give people money back on everyday essentials. Just think how much money you can save over the course of a year if you got even 1% cashback on your essential shopping.

If you’re the kind of person that always shops in the same stores, getting a rewards card is well worth it.

#3: Email Offers

When you create an account with a company, they all ask you for your email address. This used to just be a way to spam you with information about their business. But now it’s a legitimate tool used by companies to entice customers to continue to make purchases.

Email offers are a great way to reach customers!

A lot of companies will track the time you last made a purchase and if you haven’t made another one after a certain amount of time, they will email you a discount code to tempt you back onto their site. This happens all over the world, from the US to the UK, even as far as Kuwait!

There are some companies that will even give welcome offers to new customers as a way to get them to choose them over their competitors. One industry that often does this is the iGaming industry.

They have fantastic welcome offers where they will match your first deposit, essentially giving you free money to play with. This bonus money can be used in all parts of the casino. Whether you enjoy playing slots or table games like baccarat and blackjack.

There are review sites that list the best online casinos that give the best player bonus offers and they have information on these bonuses and how to claim them. It’s well worth checking out what offers the sites will give you before deciding to make a purchase.


Finding a way to save money doesn’t have to be a painstaking task of trawling through coupon books or spending hours comparing the best prices anymore. The advancement of technology and the increase in competition between stores has not only made it easier for people to find savings but has made them more abundant, as stores compete for your dollars.

When it’s as easy as this – there’s no reason not to do it!

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