5 Tips To Make Your Fake Tan Last Longer

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Summer’s here and that means getting some valuable time with the sun to give your skin that lovely warm au naturel tan. But we all know it won’t be here for long enough and that means worrying about how to top up your tan once that happy yellow character goes into hiding.

These days, fake tans are now so convincing it almost seems blasphemous to call them fake! However, fake they are and that’s why many of us love them. They give us the ability to look super sexy, tanned, and glowing whenever and wherever we want without running the risk of skin cancer or premature ageing. However, the question most of us want answered is just how to make that glorious, perfect fake tan last a little longer? Well, you will be pleased to know by following a few easy tips, you can step out in confidence long after the Summer’s been and gone.

Step 1- Buy A Good Quality Fake Tan

This is no brainer. Choosing a good quality fake tan to start with will mean that your tan is much less likely to fade. There are so many different types of quality products now, from mousses to gels to sprays that it is impossible not to find a match! Ask friends, check reviews and find the best one that you can for your skin colour.

Step 2 – Excellent Exfoliation


Exfoliation is essential to making sure a fake tan lasts and lasts and looks even. Without it you are taking the risk of dead skin cells flaking off and causing your gorgeous tan to fade and appear patchy. Exfoliate a few days before applying your tan and also try exfoliating gently with a flannel or washcloth each day after your tan has been applied. This will also help to keep it looking in tip-top condition and stop it from appearing uneven.

3-Bathe With Care


bathtub, bathroom
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The key to a good fake tan is wonderfully clean skin. Make sure that you wash thoroughly and dry yourself properly before applying your fake tan otherwise you will be encouraging streaks and stripes!

Try to remember the first time you take a shower after applying your tan to be gentle. In fact, all showers should be as brief as you can in order to minimise fading and if you have a power shower, try turning down the pressure. You can always apply a body oil before the shower but take care as this can make the inside of your shower a little slippery.

Having long baths is not recommended when you are cultivating your fake tan as this can also cause your tan to fade faster. Quick bathing is the key here as is not rubbing too hard with a towel when you dry.

Also, when it comes to what products to use in the shower or bath try to use DHA friendly products as these will not damage your lovely fake tan. Avoid bathing products that have parabens, AHAs and alcohol in them as these can also cause your tan to fade.

4Moisturise Merrily


Keep your tan lasting for days by religiously moisturising your skin. This will stop your skin drying out and prevent dryness that could cause your tan to fade and look uneven. However, when choosing a moisturiser, choose one that isn’t oil or butter based as these will also encourage the tan to fade.

5-Avoid Swimming Pools With Chlorine


girl swimming in swimming pool
Photo Credit: Daniel Perrig

As disappointing as it is, chlorine in swimming pools can really cause your beautiful fake tan to fade. Yes, I know you were hoping to flaunt your tanned bod by the pool, but really, if you don’t want it to fade quickly then that is where you should stay — by the pool and not in it.

The good news however is, if you like water, drink more of it rather than swimming in it! Hydrating yourself from the inside will mean you are being ultra-kind to your skin, providing it with moisture to help prevent dryness and peeling.

So, as you can see, preparing your skin well before you apply your fake tan and looking after it post application can really go a long way to prolonging its lifespan. With a little care and attention, you can be seen sporting a beautiful tan that will last longer than just a few days.

Do you have any other tips to help fake tan last longer? I would love to hear them!

5 Tips To Make Your Fake Tan Last Longer

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