Do Vibration Plates Work for Weight Loss

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Vibration PlatesNew fitness and weight-loss fads are common place these days, and we’re often, quite rightly, a little dubious about their fantastical claims. Power Plates is a brand name that has been around a long time; classes are still popular in gyms and beauty salons up and down the country. But in more recent years this technology has become much more affordable for the home with basic plates for gym and salon style machines. So the question we ask is: do vibration plates work for weight loss?

The Short Answer Is Yes, They Do.

Vibration plates have been designed to help people lose weight and cellulite, to increase muscle strength and tone, and are also used by many for their health benefits. But one of the biggest attractions is that they can cut a one hour workout down to just 15 minutes. My kind of exercise.


With their powerful, pulsating vibration or oscillating movements. Vibration training basically takes your traditional exercise routines and intensifies them.

If you stand on a plate with your knees slightly bent it will trigger the reflex muscles in your legs and abdomen to subtly contract up to 50 times per second. This strengthens and tones muscles and will also target fat wherever the vibrations are applied to the body. It can be strange sensation at first, but not in the least bit unpleasant, and the massage exercises for warming down are sublime.

As we all know, to successfully lose weight you need to apply either mass or acceleration to the body during exercise. Vibration training takes away this requirement, which in turn removes the negative impact on joints and muscles, making it low-impact and ideal for all ages and abilities. It’s worth pointing out though, vibration training is not a replacement for cardio exercise.

Independent Research

Scientists at the University of Antwerp carried out a study into the effects of vibration training on weight loss. They gave the same dietary advice to three groups of people. The first group did no exercise for six months, the second did aerobic activity three times a week, and the final group used vibration machines for 13 minutes a day, five days a week. After six months the vibration group lost nearly two-thirds more abdominal fat than the aerobic group. They also lost 11% of their body fat compared to 7% for the aerobic group and 6% for the diet only group.

Movers and Shakers

There are two main types of plate movement: oscillation and tri-plane vibration. Both perform very different functions and have unique benefits:

Oscillation Plate Movement

Oscillation plates wobble up and down and are considered the better option for weight loss.

Tri-plane vibration plate movement

Tri-plane plates give an intense full body vibration, better for muscle toning and strength building.

Combination vibration oscillation movement

Fortunately, there also some machines that offer a combination of both movements to tackle everything.

As with all fitness and exercise regimes, we have different goals and body types so it is always best to consult a buyer’s guide or speak to an expert before committing to buying a vibration plate for your home.

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