3 Snacks That Healthy Millennials Absolutely Love

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A few weeks back I wrote an article about the morning habits that healthy people do every day and I have received a lot of great feedback about it. So, I wanted to share another healthy article! Snacking is essential for healthy Millennials today. We are constantly on the go, so we need something easy, fast, and healthy! Many studies show that a healthy schedule of meal and snacks can a person away from bad food choice out of need. Most people are away from home for most of the day so they run to fast food for nourishment. But if you have your snacks already packed and ready to go, you should not only save your diets but also quite a lot of money. So, here are three of the yummiest healthy snacks that will help you get through your day!

Cookie Butter on Whole Wheat Bread With Sliced Bananas

cookie butter jar
toast with cookie butter and bananas

Sweet, sweet, Cookie Butter. This has been one of my favorite snacks for a very long time! I used to make this snack with regular peanut butter but ever since I decided to switch it up with cookie butter, my life has definitely changed for the better. Cookie butter can be a little hard to find. It is a Trader Joe’s exclusive. Here is a link for a Trader Joe’s locator—hopefully there is one near you! If you can find it, this snack is less than 200 calories!

Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt

chobani greek yogurt cups

Chobani has a new line of greek yogurts that are awesome for healthy Millennials. Simply 100 is just that—yogurt that is simple, great tasting, and 100 calories. I have always loved Chobani yogurt. In fact, I use Chobani strawberry yogurt in my strawberry banana smoothie that I will mention next! And, of course, the flavors pictured above are not their only flavors. I was able to try Mango Passionfruit and even though I did not think this one was for me, I am sure a lot of you readers would love it! I like simpler flavors like strawberry or blueberry! Yum! But no matter the flavor, Chobani’s Simply 100® is the first, and only, 100-calorie authentic strained Greek Yogurt. It is a great way to fuel up before or after a high-energy activity. It’s packed with protein and an excellent source of fiber—it’s 100 calories worth counting. Check them out here!

Strawberry Banana Smoothies

strawberry banana smoothie

Strawberry banana smoothies are the best! Not only are they super healthy, but they are also refreshing! And because I like to make my smoothies with Chobani Simply 100 strawberry greek yogurt, it is packed with protein too! Chobani also contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors so sip away! All it takes to make this smoothie is a handful of fresh, or frozen, strawberries, a banana, 2 spoons of Chobani strawberry yogurt, and milk. Mix it together in your blender and voila! Your smoothie is all done!

I could eat these snacks all day, every day! Who said that living a healthy lifestyle and always being on the go is impossible? Not this girl! Try these out, Millennials, and let me know what you think. Happy snacking!

woman eating healthy snack


Trader Joe’s Store Locator

Chobani Simply 100 Yogurt Homepage 

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Snacks for Healthy Millennials

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