How Does A Gastric Band Work?

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We hear a lot about gastric bands on TV, but most people have no idea how they work. In the bulk of instances, patients are advised to try losing weight naturally first. However, sometimes a gastric band is the only option left on the table. The infographic below will explain weight loss surgery in more detail. For the purpose of this post, we’ve published all the basic information about gastric bands below.

Doctors place a band around your stomach

Using modern surgical techniques, a medical professional will place a band on your stomach. That helps to split it into two compartments, the smaller of which is at the top. Now you have a smaller stomach; you start to feel full much more quickly. That tricks your mind into thinking your body has all the food it needs.

You live with the band

In some instances, gastric bands can be fitted in place for months at a time. The patients will start to lose weight very quickly because they simply can’t consume lots of food. Doctors will perform assessments to ensure the band does not slip out of place. When that happens, there can be some serious complications.

The band is removed by a trained professional

Once you have reached your ideal weight, the band is removed by a medical professional. Sometimes the band can stay in place for months, but some doctors will remove them after only a few weeks. You should notice your appetite has decreased.

Many people who undergo gastric band surgery will also need to exercise. That is because losing weight so quickly can mean your skin doesn’t have time to shrink. So, you are left with an unsightly mess where your belly used to be. However, there are also surgical procedures that can sort that problem.

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