Your Shoes Might Be the Worst Things That Can Happen to Your Feet

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Both men and women can fall victim to foot injuries caused by shoes. Almost no one wants to wear geriatric footwear with proper arch support in lieu of stylish Italian leather shoes that can make almost any ensemble outstanding. Whereas women have a reputation for loving shoes no matter what the cost, men also frequently fall victim to improper footwear. Shoes should not be scary, but the pair of stilettos that are a size too small or failure to invest in proper insoles can result in serious injuries to feet.

Hammer Toe From Heels

Photo Source: nuttakit/
Photo Source: nuttakit/

Many women can find a pair of heels that are absolutely ideal. They make feet look cute, they are highly fashionable, and they are on sale. They might also be a size too small, but forget about it. Women will suck it up and ignore the pain. Temporary pain from ill-fitting heels with pointy toes and unsightly blisters is often just the start of bigger and uglier problems later on.

Hammer toe is most frequently caused by poorly fitting shoes that are too small and too tight. The joints of the toes are permanently malformed. Suddenly, getting a pedicure might not be a comfortable experience. Even worse, hammer toe may require saying goodbye to cute heels for good. The painful condition may be treated by wearing shoes that are more foot-friendly or orthopedic surgery. Cute heels will almost always be out of the question after hammer toe is identified and addressed.

Crippling Foot Injuries From Improper Work Boots on Job Sites

Steel toe boots can be uncomfortable, but the steel toe is not nearly as uncomfortable as having a 100 pound manhole cover slam into a tennis shoe. Crushed toes might be one of the worst and most painful things that can happen to feet. In addition, nail-proof metal insoles also might not be the most comfortable things to walk on all day. However, having a large nail penetrate a boot and stick the foot can be cause for an emergency tetanus shot and numerous other foot problems.

It is also important to wear the right boots when working around horses on a ranch. No person is a match for an irate horse that decides to step on a human foot at the rail. In addition to a potential fracture, improper footwear can do more than hurt feet and ankles when riding. In a common but gruesome scenario, the rider can fall with a foot stuck in the stirrup, and the horse can spook and run.

Ankle Fractures Due to Improper Footwear For Athletes

It is not necessary to have athlete status when purchasing proper footwear, from running shoes to figure skates. Figure skating is a prime example of a sport that requires footwear that fits very well and provides strong ankle support as it is fairly easy to snap an ankle when trying to land a double salchow. Poorly fitting skates and dance shoes can also cause hammer toe in addition to calluses and blisters.

Appreciate Feet and Invest in Shoes

Ignore the new stilettos. Resist the urge to purchase the cheap work boots. Invest in top footwear for athletic activities. Do not actively risk developing highly painful foot and ankle problems. Instead, get footwear that will help prevent fractures and hammer toe in the first place.

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