3 Inexpensive DIY Valentine’s Gifts

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Valentine's Day is always a lovingly fun holiday. Get crafty and creative this year with these 3 DIY Valentine’s gifts.

Love, love – beloved pet is in the air! Whether for a special someone, your best friend, or your closest family member, there’s always a love to cherish. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating your love for your partner, but your love for all those around you! Here’s a list of some inexpensive DIY Valentine’s Gifts that will genuinely show you care because it doesn’t always have to be about the material things.

Scavenger Hunt

Valentines Day Card

This is my favorite gift that I’ve given in the past. It’s fun and exciting, and it keeps you guessing. The mystery about it is that the end of the road could genuinely lead to anything.

Putting it together is also very simple. First, list easy riddles, love poems, love quotes, or love notes; I’d say no more than ten.

Whatever amount you’ve chosen, you’ll need to create little cards for each one. The answers should lead to the following puzzle if you decide on riddles. Otherwise, the note will also have to state the location of the following message.

Next, you must choose the same number of hiding spots (one per riddle). These can be anywhere! Place them around your house, behind a frame of you and your loved one, under their pillow, around town with a friend, or in a secret spot you both go to.

They can be placed around the school, in an old library book, or under a classroom chair. The last note should lead to the result, which could also be a prize of your choosing; a stuffed animal for a crush, concert tickets for your best friend, or even yourself in sexy lingerie for that special someone. The options are endless!

Suggestion: Another option for the clues is to make the scavenger take a picture in each spot. You can have them make silly face poses or take a picture with a stranger, and then have them send the picture to your phone or e-mail for the following location. When it’s all done, you can make a fantastic collage of all the images!

Love Basket

This one can be fun for anyone, both kids and adults. First, you must buy a small basket with red, pink, and white shredded paper and gift basket wrap. Then, you can purchase small Valentine’s fillers. You can use chocolates, candies, love coupons, stuffed animals, love notes, a simple t-shirt, or anything small and cute!

Homemade Book: 52 Reasons I Love You

Handmade Love Book
Handmade Book: 52 Reasons Why I Like YouPhoto Source: Craftster

This is a charming idea that you’ll enjoy making for your loved one. First, you’ll need a deck of cards. You’ll have to punch two holes on the left side of all 52 cards and a joker card, and two holes on the right of the second joker (this will be your cover page).

The punched holes will be used to loop all the cards together with a ribbon, string, or leather – something durable. Decorate your cover page with a title and each of the 52 cards with a reason why you love your special someone. Once they’re all done, you can loop them together and enjoy the reaction of your loved ones as they read each one.

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These are all fun and creative ways to say I love you, so get down to business and start your Valentine’s Day project! Will you be giving your special someone one of the above gifts this Valentine’s Day, or will you be buying them something different? How are you showing your love this Valentine’s? Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to receive exclusive DIY Valentine’s Day Projects that you won’t find anywhere else on our site!

Valentine's Day is always a lovingly fun holiday. Get crafty and creative this year with these 3 DIY Valentine’s gifts.


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