CardNinja: The Alternative to Purses I’ve Been Waiting For

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I do not like purses. In fact, I can proudly say that I absolutely DESPISE purses. I hate having a bag, attached to a string, weighing down half of my body. I hate it when guys ask me to hold onto their wallets, keys, or phone because I have a purse. But I need it. Because I am extremely forgetful. I tried to only carry my wallet, but alas, I would forget it everywhere I went. Whenever I set it down—no matter where or for how long—I always forget it laying there. I am pretty lucky, though. I always have a sister or a friend walking behind me saying, “Hey, look at what you’re forgetting again!” So I am back to purses…for now.

A Welcomed Gift

cardninjaI was finally at my wits’ end, i.e. carrying my cell phone, driver’s license, and credit card and yes, even cash, in my bra. But a few weeks ago, I was given an amazing opportunity to finally turn everything around! I could try out a cool new product called a CardNinja. Apparently, it just sticks to the back of my phone and voila, I can hold everything all the time! And no—I never put my phone down, so I won’t be losing it anytime soon.

The CardNinja is super slim and can hold up to eight cards and cash. The sleeve is made from spandex so it stretches when you need it to and stays put when you don’t. The adhesive is 3M, so the CardNinja stays on the back of your phone for quite some time. Even when I drop my phone…which is more often than I would ever care to admit…I never lose anything out of the CardNinja. And don’t worry, the CardNinja comes in a ton of different colors like Ninja Black, Steel, Eggplant, Gold, Blue Raspberry or Magenta, so you can stay fashionable!

Shopping With The CardNinja

girl with cardninja buying bracelets

Attaching the CardNinja to my phone was super easy. All I had to do was unpeel the paper from the adhesive and slapped that baby right onto the back of my phone!

I have to admit, holding my phone with the CardNinja on was odd at first. I had to get used to the feeling of spandex while scrolling through Facebook and Tumblr, but I got used to it relatively fast. It also felt weird leaving the house without a purse, wallet, or a bra full of cards.

But shopping was a breeze. I even dropped my phone in the middle of the store and I thought, well, there goes all of my shit, but my cards and cash all stayed in place! And no cracked screen either, thank goodness.

The CardNinja is so convenient, I am not sure how I made it through 22 years of life and never had one before. I can finally leave my house and not have to constantly remind myself to not put my things down! Oh yes, the CardNinja is definitely here to stay.


**This is a sponsored post on behalf of CardNinja. All opinions are 100% my own.**

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