5 New Years Eve Party Dresses You Should Consider

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New Years Eve is upon us and so are some of the cutest fashions of the year. And, although we can rock sparkles and wear adorable dresses all throughout the year, New Years Eve is the only time of year when you can go all out without getting that annoying side-eye from your peers. In order to get all of that pent-up fashion that you and I both have inside us, here are a few of Miss Millennia’s favorite New Years Eve looks.

Look #1: Glitter Glam
7cdec14aaf2c356ced0249191729b557_bestRachelZoe Dress

This sparkly mini dress and drop earrings combo makes for the perfect New Years Eve outfit for any occasion. The dress, made by Rachel Zoe, is exclusively at Shopbop and is available in the rose gold that is in the picture or an alluring gray. And with a wide array of sizes from 0-10, this contoured dress looks great on many different body types!
This dress is more than what it seems. The details are gorgeously feminine with a scoop back and raw  chiffon trim edges. The long sleeves are great for when the night is late and it is colder outside.
The 18k earrings are by Nadri and can be found here and at Nordstroms (if you’re lucky). They come in both gold and silver so they will match with whatever color dress you decide on. These are great for a New Years Eve party because they catch every light and stays glistening throughout the night.


Look #2: The Little Black Dress



The LBD has always been a classic for women of all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t look like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This Halston Heritage dress is super stylish with its fitted bodice and a pleated tulip skirt, it hugs and hangs in all of the right places. Of course, this dress only comes in black and it also has a large range of sizes, from 0-14.
Created by Etro in Italy, it can turn even the plainest outfit into something that will be unforgettable. It is gold-plated and adorned with clusters of black resin beads and beautiful Swavorski crystals. And although it may be a little high in price, it is a beautiful piece to have in your wardrobe that can be re-worn throughout the year with a ton of different looks from a day at school to an 8-hour shift at work.

 Look #3: The Bold and The Gold

maggy london3cf7d454b2d586921ba9abea9c23cf4e_best
New Years Eve does not always have to be LBD’s or a ton of sparkles. I love this look because it not only brings 2 colors that you don’t often see together, navy and coral, but the printed design also draws focus to the smallest part of you which is your waist! This Maggy London dress comes in a lot of different sizes as well, from a 2 to a 16!
 The long sleeves and the midi-length hem are perfect for anyone (like me) currently living in the upper northeast of the country where it can get pretty cold on New Years Eve. Finally, we can where something that doesn’t need to be covered up by an outfit-killing coat.
The Argento Vivo Round Locket is a perfect match for this dress. Not only is the 18K gold perfect for the navy/coral color scheme, but the length will also draw the focus to your waist like the dress.

 Look #4: The Maxi Missy


A lot of people don’t always think that a maxi dress has a place at a New Years Eve bash. Well, the are all completely and utterly wrong. Take this dress for example. It has a cinched waist that, once again, draws your eye to the smallest part of you shape. And the length is perfect for stay warm in cold weather or if you still haven’t shaved from No-Shave November. And who can say no to dress pockets? Not this girl.
This dress comes in 2 different colors, heather black and mink. Unfortunately, only a size small is available now.
 Want to spice it up a bit? Try out the Harlow Sequined Envelope Clutch. The all over sequined detailing is bound to leave its mark on at your next event. And don’t worry about struggling to get this tiny purse closed once you’ve stuffed your entire life into it because this clutch has a hidden magnetic closure. Say goodbye to spilling out everything out of your purse by mistake!

Look #5: Understated Beauty


Some people like to keep it simple for New Years Eve, but that does not mean that you can’t be trendy while doing it. This dress is a timeless sweater dress that we have all loved at one time or another and now it is back and in action. Available in 2 colors, navy and gray, this dress leaves almost everything to your imagination while still being flirty thanks to the mini hemline. It comes in sizes small through large.
The Clink of Ice Drama Ring is the perfect accessory for this dress. It comes in sizes 5-8 and is just what you need to finish off a simple, classy look with a hint of sparkle. The best thing about this ring is that it can easily be transitioned from day to night without all of the extra fuss.

 The Miss Millennia Team is very excited for the New Year and cannot wait for all of the fashion choices that everyone will be making for their big night out. Share what you will be wearing in the comment section below!

 5 New Years Eve Party Dresses to Consider


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