10 Facebook Groups For Bloggers You Should Join

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10 Facebook Groups For Bloggers You Should Join

If you are a blogger, then you should be in a few blogging Facebook groups.

Now, I know there are some contradictory statements out there when it comes to the relevance of Facebook groups for bloggers. But I can say confidently that it is because of Facebook groups that I have grown my blog traffic, made additional sales for my products and got some of my much-needed blogging questions answered. Not to mention, I’ve connected with other bloggers who have helped me understand my own business even more. Facebook groups for bloggers are a great avenue for finding a supportive community.

If you are now convinced that Facebook groups are where it is at, you may be wondering: Which ones should I join? There are literally hundreds of Facebook groups for bloggers out there. And more does not exactly equal better in this situation. So I decided to put this guide together when it comes to finding groups to join on Facebook.

I’ve listed the top 10 blogging Facebook groups (that I personally use) to help you grow your blog. Get ready to watch your blog grow as a result!

1. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers Facebook groups for bloggers

Purpose of the group

  • Social media sharing
  • Blogging tips
  • Advertise your blog product

Why It’s Great

At first glance, the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers group looks like just another social media and blog post sharing group. And yes, this group has many of the same features as other Facebook groups for bloggers; however, this group alone has resulted in me making hundreds of dollars on my blog. Here is why.

1. It’s huge. It has over 37,000 members at the time of me writing this post. That is 37,000 bloggers ready to network with you.

2. You can promote your product. If you have a blogging product, it may be awesome if you could promote your product to all of these members. Well in this group you can!

It is very exclusive because there is a fee to advertise here. I have made many legitimate sales by buying ads in this Facebook group. The fees are based on how many times you want to post.

Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit

Here is my advice.

If you are doing a product launch and you have emails ready to go for the week of your launch, buy the more expensive ad plan and post every day for a week here. You will see the results! I know I did.

While I have paid for ads in this group before, I loved it so much, I ended up purchasing the group myself! I think being able to pay for ads in a group like this is incredibly valuable. You can learn more about the pricing options for ads in this group here.

Click here to join the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers Facebook group!


2. Blogging Loving

Blog Loving

Purpose of the group

  • Blog post sharing
  • Social media sharing

Why It’s Great

The Blogging Loving Facebook group is one you will see me in daily. They provide daily threads for you to get blog comments and social media shares. Members post what they want others to share, and in return must reciprocate on the other blogs. While it is mostly focused on blog content, there are some social media threads as well.

You may notice that there are no other comments or posts in this group outside of the share threads, and that is because they run a tight ship. Break the rules and they will kick you out. Only join this group if your intention is to get more blog comments on your articles.

Click here to join the Blogging Loving Facebook group.


3. The Social Ninjas

The Social Ninjas

Purpose of the group

  • Social media sharing
  • Blog post sharing

Why It’s Great

While the Social Ninjas Facebook Group is similar to the Blogging Loving Group, the main difference is that this one is more focused on social media shares than it is on blog content. I like this one because they do every kind of social media sharing you can think of.

They include Twitter, Facebook (reactions and comments), Instagram (posts and stories), Pinterest, YouTube, etc. The list really does go on and on. If your goal is to grow your social channels, this group is where you want to be.

Again, make sure to follow the rules because they will remove you if you start posting outside of the daily threads.

Click here to sign up for the Social Ninjas Facebook group.


4. Bloggers Supporting Each Other

Bloggers Supporting Each Other

Purpose of the group

  • Social media sharing
  • Blog post sharing

Why It’s Great

This is another Facebook group for bloggers in which you reciprocate engagement to boost your blog’s traffic, but I do want to highlight a couple of things that make this group different from the two I mentioned above.

1. It has a pretty equal amount of share threads for social media as it does for blog post sharing. So if you want a nice even distribution of those two, this is a good group for you.

2. They do a variety of threads from blog post click troughs, social media shares, YouTube subscribers, and more.

If your goal is to get more traction to the various assets of your blog, this is a great group to be part of.

Click Here to Join the Bloggers Supporting Each Other Facebook group.


5. Giveaways, Reviews, Savings, & Freebies

Giveaways, Reviews, Savings, & Freebies

Purpose of the group

  • Find blogging opportunities
  • Post your giveaways for more signups
  • Get more signups on your blog freebies

Why It’s Great

Before you write this group off, you should know that I have been an active member of this group for several years now. It is a bit loose when it comes to the rules, but it is very active! Here are a few ways this group has helped me on my blog.

1. I signed up for some paid sponsored post opportunities here. There are some brands that make their way to this group looking for bloggers to pay in exchange for sponsored content. I can attest to finding a few legitimate opportunities on this page.

2. Whenever I host a giveaway, I always post on this page. This page has plenty of people who LOVE getting free stuff. If you want more signups for your giveaways, this is a great group to post them.

3. Post links to your freebies/lead magnets here. Like I mentioned, there are plenty of people here who are liking for free stuff. If you have an awesome freebie and want more subscribers, you should post it in this group to see more signups.

Click here to join the Giveaways, Reviews, Savings, & Freebies Facebook group.


6. hitContinue IG engagement

hitContinue IG engagement

Purpose of the group

  • Instagram sharing
  • Instagram tips
  • Instagram Hashtags

Why It’s Great

I was added to this group by a member of another group, and I am very grateful that happened! It’s all about Instagram, but it is much more than an Instagram sharing group.

Yes, there are daily threads for Instagram likes and comments. But they also have a pretty thorough database of great hashtags to use when you post on Instagram to get more traffic to your Instagram account (and of course to your blog). And we all know how important Instagram is these days.

All the hashtags I currently use on my Instagram account have come from this group. I highly recommend you join!

Click here to join the hitContinue IG engagement Facebook group.


7. Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards

Purpose of the group

  • Find Pinterest group boards to join
  • Share your Pinterest group boards to get more followers
  • Pinterest Sharing

Why It’s Great

The Pinterest Group Boards Facebook group is probably one of the most important Facebook groups for bloggers I am currently part of. I joined it because I started a Facebook group board and wanted it to get some traction, so I posted it in this group.

The next thing I knew I was getting requests to be added to my group board EVERY SINGLE DAY! I eventually had to hit pause on letting people into it because it was growing too quickly and I needed time to monitor and kick out spammers.

I still go to this group monthly and find new group boards to join. There are so many out there, and all you have to do is search for the topics you want to find for group boards and start requesting. It is so much easier than going to individual boards and messaging people to be added.

If you are on Pinterest you should be in this group.

Click here to join the Pinterest Group Boards Facebook group.


8. Pinterest Tailwind Tribes

Pinterest Tailwind Threads

Purpose of the group

  • Join Tailwind tribes
  • Add your Tailwind tribes

Why It’s Great

I know what you are thinking: Do I really need to be a part of a Pinterest Tailwind Tribes Facebook group when I am already a part of another Facebook group dedicated to Pinterest? The answer is if you are on Tailwind, yes! Yes, you do!

Pinterest is the number one source of traffic to my blog, and a good portion of that Pinterest traffic comes from Tailwind. Without a doubt! If you are looking for some better tailwind tribes to join, I highly recommend you join this Facebook group for bloggers. It works similarly to the Pinterest Group board Facebook group where you can just search for a certain topic and watch all the boards show up.

It is worth noting however that Pinterest Group boards are not allowed in the Tribes group and Tribes are not allowed in the Pinterest group. Don’t mess around and get kicked out of either.

Click here to join the Pinterest Tailwind Tribes Facebook group.


9. Blogger Opportunities

Blogger Opportunities

Purpose of the group

  • Blog collaborations
  • Sponsored blog opportunities

Why It’s Great

Similar to the Giveaways group I mentioned earlier, the Blog Opportunities Facebook group is exactly as the title states–a Facebook group where bloggers can find sponsorship opportunities.

Full disclosure, I have found paid deals in this group, but there are many brands here that want to work with bloggers in exchange for free products only. If that is your jam, more power to ya, there are many opportunities here for that. If it isn’t just be forewarned you are going to have to sift through many brands who do not want to pay you for your work.

Click here to join the Blog Opportunities Facebook group.


10. Blogger Round-Up Requests

Blogger Round Up Requests

Purpose of the group

  • Find Blog roundup requests
  • Find blogs to add to your roundup posts

Why It’s Great

Okay before I go into why the Blogger Round-Up Requests Facebook group is essential, I must first go into the roundup post strategy for bloggers.

A roundup post is when you make a list article that lists out a certain number of items in a given topic. For example, These 7 Freebies Will Make You an Outstanding Blogger is considered a roundup post because all the freebies featured in the article are from other bloggers.

Roundup posts are an excellent way to get more traffic to your blog posts. Here is why.

1. It can go viral. Once you publish a roundup post, you let all the bloggers in the post know they were featured so that they can share the post on their social media channels too!

2. It makes for great content on Google. The search engine always wants to find the best article on a given topic. If you have 11 vegetarian-friendly recipes in your post, and all the other vegetarian thanksgiving recipes on the first page of Google only have one, which do you think is going to come up first?

On the other side, having your post featured in someone else’s roundup post, that means you get a backlink on someone else’s site. Having this is pretty much a vote telling Google, hey my site’s legit and look how many people are sharing it!

So long story short, roundup posts work out for everyone involved. This Facebook group lets you add relevant posts to other people’s roundups and lets you post about roundups you plan on writing so others can give you their content for you to feature. It is super easy to do in this group.

Click here to join the Blogger Round-Up Requests Facebook group.


I hope this post has given you enough reasons to understand why joining Facebook groups for bloggers is so important for your business. While I mentioned a bunch for bloggers today, there are many others for bloggers and entrepreneurs alike!

Definitely always keep an eye out for more good Facebook groups for bloggers and be selective about which ones you join. There are many to choose from. Kudus to you continuing your community-building by finding a Facebook support group that fits your needs!

10 Facebook Groups For Bloggers You Should Join

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  1. This is an excellent and very detailed roundup… thank you for sharing it.

    I’m a Tailwind user but I’ve never even considered (or was aware actually) of the Tailwind Tribes Facebook group so I think I’ll head over there after I submit this comment.

    One thing I’m cautious of is taking on another thing that draws more time. I completely understand the importance of networking, but do you find Facebook groups are a big draw on your available time? If so, how do you manage it?

    1. This is an excellent question! Yes they can be time consuming. But there are some benefits to it outside of getting traffic. Here is how I like to use Facebook groups.
      1. To get comments on my articles – especially articles for sponsored opps. Google looks at content with comments with more favor.
      2. To boost my social media posts for an article that was first published. I share old content too, but it helps getting more shares on an article that was recently posted.
      3. I like some blog groups just to answer a more complex question to my blogging buddies. It helps having a group to lean on when you are in a jam, and many of them have been through what you may be experiencing before.

      I hope that helps!

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