Life In Color: 10 Spring Nail Colors

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With everything blooming, birds chirping, and bugs buzzing, the spring is officially here. With warmer weather, we start to take out our spring outfits to look in perfect harmony with the season. I don’t know about you, but I always feel that my outfit isn’t quiet finished unless my nails are polished. The spring is the season when you can go completely overboard with your nail color and still look the part. I’ve put together a list of ten bright spring nail colors to consider this spring.


mojito madness nail color
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The vibrant hue of the grass being reborn in the spring is one of the inspirations when choosing spring nail colors this season. Essie’s “Mojito Madness” brings out that vibration of nature’s rebirth. I must admit, the kelly green color might make you step out of your comfort zone, but the feeling of almost being able to smell fresh mint leaves is worth it.


orge-the top blue nail color
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dating a royal nail color
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To be in touch with the azure, spring sky, choose some shades of blue. OPI’s “Ogre-The Top Blue,” with its creamy texture, is a combination of romanticism and spring freshness. If you are looking for a deeper blue, OPI’s “Dating A Royal” would be the perfect choice of a nail color, which will pop when you wear it with silver jewelry.


tenacious teal nail color
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If you’re not in the mood for green or blue, you can always choose the middle ground between the two and go with teal. Maybelline’s “Tenacious Teal” has a cream-like texture that will give your nails a bolder, crisper look, which will last a long time. Combine your teal nails with coral outfit, and you’ll get the perfect spring look.


play date nail color
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For the purple hue lovers, this spring is a great season to show off your love. Essie’s “Play Date” is a unique, bright purple that will highlight your girly side. It isn’t just your typical pastel purple polish, but has a bit more depth to it. It has a border line of neon purple with a subtle soft touch.


i just can't cope-acabana
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The neon yellow this season is an absolute must. OPI’s “I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana” will highlight your bubbly personality and will be a great addition to your navy-blue outfit.


safran sultan nail color
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amber gingembre
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As an alternative to neon yellow, I’d go with some more subtle, sandy nail colors, like Yves Saint Laurent “Safran Sultan” or Yves Saint Laurent “Ambre Gingembre.” These goldish brown hues will compliment every skin tone and will be a good addition to your all-white outfit.


in wind dancer nail color
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With melon shades, your nails will just look yummy. “Wind Dancer” from NARS brings an intense shade of orange, which, in combination with gold jewelry, will add a fabulous spin to your look.


kiss me i'm brazillian
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Pink is the classic of nail colors, but this spring it is perfect to highlight your dreamy side. OPI’s “Kiss Me I’m Brazilian” from the brand-new Brazil collection will not only bring out your romantic look, but also your sex appeal.


live love carnival
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I have to say, coral is one of my favorites this spring. With OPI’s “Live. Love. Carnival” your happy, festive mood won’t go unnoticed. With this vivid and vibrant color you’ll be the life of the party.

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marylin nail color
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Don’t get me wrong, hot red has always been my go-to nail color, but this season let’s experiment together and go with bold fuchsia hues instead. To have your nails stand out in the crowd, choose Mischo’s “Marilyn,” which is a classic option this spring for femme fatale. Not only does it look good with anything you wear, but this color is also perfect for a night-out.

I hope with this list, you can find the perfect option for you this spring. What’s your favorite spring nail color? Share it in the comments below.

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