The 5 Stages of a Breakup: A Comprehensive Guide

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Breaking up is not at all easy. Whether it’s a breakup with a boyfriend, spouse, life partner, or your best friend. It takes time to heal. Even if you are the one who broken up, you can still come across these 5 stages of a breakup, which include denial and break up. If you give some time to yourself, you’ll find yourself at the end of stage, i.e.; acceptance.

Denial: “I can fix it anyhow!”

Denial – An automatic response to the unfavorable things. Denying to certain things gives time to your heart to make an adjustment and adapt the new things. During the denial phase, you may think that your partner is coming back to you again. Everyone’s experience is different during their denial phase, so it’s better to get in touch with your friends and family for support. Important people in your life can keep you away from making the wrong decision in the denial stage, for instance, late night chats with your ex.

Anger: “I hate you for insulting my love for you!”

In this stage, your heart condition changes from sad to mad. It becomes full of anger towards your ex for breaking up with you, and/or towards you for living in the relationship with him. During this stage, you may find yourself throwing his stuff out, burning pictures of him, and abusing him to his friends. You may blame him for giving you pain and breaking up your family. The important thing in this phase – you should not make any rash decisions on which you may regret later. So, give some time to yourself to work on your anger by exercise, drawing or writing something in a journal.

Bargaining: “What will I need to do to get him back?”

In this phase, you will try to get your relationship back on the track, or rebuilt it as a friendship. You may try everything you can do to retain your relationship. Instead of stucking in the loops of getting your relationship back, start a new journey without the involvement of your ex and get over to your break up stage.

Depression: “I will never move on from him.”

During this phase, it’s normal to be sad. You need to realize the truth that the situation is not going to change. You may want to live alone for some time. Remembering what your life was before your relationship or what it could be can be harder. Realize that the people around you don’t want to upset you, rather they just want you to keep away from other distraction of breakup. Keep yourself surrounded with positive people and lots of sunshine.

Acceptance: “I completely understand why I can’t be with him now and I will make a better path for myself.”

The last stage of the breakup, the acceptance stage makes every tough thing worth of it. It’s the one that gives you a sense of exhalation. You realize what the past meant and what the future is waiting for. Your life turns to a new path and you start feeling yourself again, ready to move ahead.

If you are facing a breakup, it’s best to take each and every thing, one by one. Make your mind that you’ll accept all the things and they won’t be easy at all. Treat yourself with love, be kind to yourself, and try to find at least 1 thing that pleases you!!


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