2 Advantages of Residency Permit in Malta 2024

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2 Advantages of Residency Permit in Malta 2023

There are several ways for foreigners to move to Malta. A residency permit allows you to live, study, get medical treatment, and work in the republic. This permit may be temporary or permanent. Residents should first familiarize themselves with the conditions of each scheme and assess their chances of obtaining an affirmative response to the application form.

Depending on its type, the Malta Residence Permit has different requirements for the applicant, duration of validity, and advantages that a foreigner receives. Therefore, when planning a move, the best solution is to seek help from a consulting agency. According to the expert of the Immigrant Invest Zlata Erlach, the company provides comprehensive assistance and support to the client at all stages of migration.

Permanent Residence Permit

Malta Permanent Residence is an open-ended permit. An application for its receipt is submitted to the Department of Citizenship. Each candidate passes through a rigorous selection procedure. But experts recommend reading the requirements beforehand and assessing the applicant’s suitability. It helps to save your time and money. Consulting agents provide similar services, so it is recommended to contact specialists in migration matters. 

Residency Permit


Local authorities impose specific requirements on applicants. The list is as follows:

  1. Applicants cannot be under 18 years of age.
  2. It is necessary to prove your financial situation, legality, and stability, as well as to provide a certificate of tax payment for the last five years.
  3. Availability of living space in the host region is mandatory. The property can be owned by the applicant or rented for at least five years.
  4. Persons with legal problems wanted or under sanctions cannot count on a positive result.
  5. A cover note is attached to the application. It usually describes the purpose of your stay.

A relatively standard requirement of the Malta PR is also to have a health insurance policy in place. 


A foreigner takes a step towards Maltese citizenship by obtaining a permanent residence permit. After five years, while maintaining the previous status, the foreigner can apply and get a passport. First, however, it will be necessary to pass an exam on the national language, history, and law. Permanent residence in Malta gives you the right to travel to European countries and access quality education and medical care. 

Temporary Residence Permit

A temporary ordinary residence permit in Malta is obtained based on an application submitted directly in the region. Initially, it is necessary to obtain a long-stay visa. The procedure takes an average of 12 weeks from the application’s submission. However, the total duration of the process, taking into account the preparation, will be longer. Therefore, it is essential to prepare all necessary documents to avoid delays. 

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The package of documents for Malta residency is as follows:

  1. Document proving your identity.
  2. Two passport-sized photos.
  3. Health insurance contract (as for a tourist).
  4. Paper confirming address in Malta.
  5. Certificate from a bank assuring the availability of funds in sufficient amount for the stay.
  6. Itinerary. Indication of transport, time, and date of arrival.
  7. The application itself was filled out correctly, without errors.
  8. Additional papers depending on the purpose of migration.

The last item may be an invitation to work, a document confirming family reunification, or a certificate from an educational institution.


Malta RP can be issued for one to five years. During the period of the validity of the paperб, a foreigner can receive education, medical care, and work legally on the territory of the republic. A pleasant bonus will be the region’s high standard of living and pleasant climate. Free movement in the European Union and the ability to stay in other areas for up to three months is also a definite advantage of a Maltese permit.


Many types of permits allow you to stay in the region legally. After reading them in detail, it will be much easier to decide. Leave this matter to professionals to minimize possible mistakes. Experienced professionals guide the client at all stages. Filling out the questionnaire is an important point that requires thoroughness and care. The application will be rejected if there are mistakes or omissions.

Agents who have filled out more than a dozen questionnaires will provide competent advice and check all documents. In addition, when you turn to specialists in this matter, you can be sure of the quality of the services provided and the speed of resolving issues. A professional approach to the preparation of documents guarantees successful execution.

2 Advantages of Residency Permit in Malta 2023

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