5 Fantastic Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short

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 5 fantastic reason to Cut Your Hair Short

Two years ago, I cut about twelve inches off my hair. I went from hair that touched the middle of my back to a bit longer than a pixie cut. Since then, the longest I’ve let my hair get is just below my chin. I have officially fallen in love with short hair. A lot of women had told me, “I love your hair, I wish I could pull something like that off!” I just want to gently take each one of them by the shoulders, look them deep in the eyes, and say, “You can!” But since that would make me a little creepy, I’m doing the next best thing and writing down some of the many reasons every woman can, and should, cut her hair short.

The cut shows off your gorgeous face

emma watson pixie hair cut
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Maybe the thing holding you back from cutting your hair is the fear that you won’t look feminine anymore. Ridiculous. Your femininity has nothing to do with the length of your hair.  We’ve already talked about how short hair is extremely sexy. Long hair can hide your features, but with short hair, you have nothing to hide behind. Your eyes will stand out, along with all your other best features. It’s amazing how a chop can make bring attention to your face in new, flattering ways. Do your research before going, of course. Look up the best cuts for your face shape and talk to your stylist about what they think. I bet your stylist will be thrilled to work their magic on you.

You’re now effortlessly stylish

My short hair tends to make me look much more put-together than my long hair did. Sure, I occasionally took the time to twist it into a stylish braid or curl it (okay, one time I curled it), but on the average day I just let it down, looking average, or pulled it back into a bun that was going for messy-chic but usually just looked boring. With short hair, it takes maybe five minutes to blow dry it so I look completely styled and trendy. Short hair is associated with fashionable people, so even if you’re not that fashionable you can fake it with the right short cut. If you take the time to style short hair, you can have a lot of different looks with just a good bottle of styling gel. Even the rolled-out-of-bed look is better with short hair. Miss Millennia already gave you three short styles to try, so go forth and rock even more!

You’ll save time, money, and the planet

When I cut my hair, I cut my shower time in half. Obviously, washing short hair uses up less water than washing, untangling, and conditioning long hair. Your water bill will be smaller after a haircut. It takes way less time and electricity to blow-dry short hair. And while I now never bother to straighten my pixie cut, it only took a few minutes to flat-iron my bob into submission, as opposed to the 15 plus minutes I would spend if I wanted to get my long hair straight. With short hair, you’re also using less hair product that is often harmful to the environment. A bottle of shampoo will last much longer, so your wallet will thank you too. Basically, if you cut your hair, you’re doing  yourself and the world a favor.

Michelle Williams
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You’ll get compliments from strangers

While I realize confidence shouldn’t rely on what others think of you, a sweet compliment from a stranger certainly doesn’t decrease self-confidence. Short hair stands out more than long hair, so people notice it more. Of course, I had a few “friends” who asked me why on earth I would cut my gorgeous long hair, but the wide majority of friends told me how much they loved it. Girls in bathrooms have told me they like my hair, and just yesterday at the grocery store, the cashier said, “I love your haircut!” When you’re rocking short hair, people notice. Often, they’re nice enough to let you know. Oh and by the way, if you see someone with fabulous hair, tell her. Studies show that receiving a compliment can have the same positive mental effect as receiving cash!

It’s a great change

The old story is that girls usually cut their hair off after a bad break-up. And if this is the case, so what? Cutting your hair is one way to take control of your life when you feel like you can’t control anything else. It’s a great, non-permanent change you can immediately make if you feel like you don’t like your current situation. Even if you don’t like the cut, it grows back! If you feel like you need an immediate life change, a haircut is one the best way to accomplish this. It’s even better than a simple dye-job, because it doesn’t damage your hair! In fact, sometimes it’ll make your hair healthier if you have a lot of dead-ends. The joys of new sleek pixie cut or an adorable bob can help you get out of a slump.

To every girl who has ever considered a short haircut, this is me looking deep into your eyes and telling you: “You can pull it off. You’ll only look more beautiful with short hair.” Now go, quickly, to your nearest barber.


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5 fantastic reason to cut your hair short:I’m doing the next best thing and writing down some of the many reasons every woman can, and should, cut her hair short.

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