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Hi lovelies, my name is Bree and I am the newest contributing writer to The Confused Millennial. I am so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to reach out to others like myself and just get real. A little bit about me. I’m a California girl, residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, but have spent the last three years in Monterey Bay where I attended college. I am a barista at Starbucks Coffee, which explains my obnoxious obsession with coffee and tea. I love reading books more than anything, as well as watching films. My favorite thing in the entire world is Harry Potter, and I’m sure you’ll hear me talk about it a lot. I am pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Journalism. I am a vegetarian, and will tell you all about it if you want to hear. I love to be in nature and feel close to the universe, as well as spend time with my closest friends and boyfriend. I just want to change people’s lives, and make a difference, even if that is only through my writing. Thank you for the opportunity to do so, and I look forward to the future with #TCMillennial.