Movie Review for "We’re the Millers"

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We're the millers

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Friday night is coming up and you don’t have any ideas of what to do yet – why not see a movie? After its original launch in theaters on Aug. 7, Rawson M. Thurber’s feel good comedy We’re the Millers finally released on Blu-Rays and DVDs on Nov. 19, and it is a great movie to add to your comedy collection.

The main character, David, is a small-time drug dealer who helps make the life of regular folks more pleasant, including his own. Until one night he runs into an unfortunate situation that leaves him in debt to his supplier, Brad. Brad, however, has a perfect solution to this problem; he gives David a chance to repay him by going to Mexico and by delivering Brad’s latest shipment. Now David is facing a dilemma of becoming a drug smuggler or becoming Brad’s victim.

Luckily, David comes up with the perfect plan – create a fake family to help smuggle the drugs. He turns to his neighbor, an exotic dancer named Rose, to be his wife. And what kind of normal family would they be without kids? That’s where awkward young Kenny and street-smart rocker, Casey, come along. Now, the Millers are ready for their family road trip!

Thurber created yet another hysterically funny comedy filled with smart dialogues and unexpected situations that leave you aweing in surprise. This lighthearted movie also brings you a cast of actors that are compatible with each other.

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston work side by side anew to bring their viewers a delightful experience through this comedy. Sudeikis, as always, is irresistible with his sarcastic comments and poker face, while Aniston proves once again that she is absolutely capable of being a bad girl, when she shows off her stunningly sexy dance moves.

Don’t miss your chance to get acquainted with the Millers because they are not just your average, suburban family. They are no strangers to the extraordinarily strange and will make you tear up from laughing out loud. So, don’t hesitate and let the Millers in on Friday night to have some fun!

Movie Review for "We're the Millers"