The Emergency Make-Up Kit

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Make-up Emergency Kit

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Busy girls, like you and I, who have balanced school, work, and a social life have often had those days where we have to be everywhere at once – and have to look good doing it. Naturally, however, on days like these, by the time we get to the five or ten places we’re supposed to be at, we are a mess. Our foundation is melting off, the mascara has dripped under our eyes, our eyeliner is non-existent, and our hair has become fit for a bird. On days like these, and sometimes every other day in between, an emergency make-up kit is a girl’s best friend. By packing a few essential items in a small make-up bag, us girls on the go can keep on going while still keeping ourselves together.

The Essentials:

  1. Compact Mirror: Whenever I used to look at women with compact mirrors, I used to think it was a sign of high-maintenance. Now, however, I never go a day without checking my little mirror (my favorite, most inexpensive purchase at a drugstore) at least once. I don’t want to be that girl walking around with something in her teeth the entire day!
  2. Concealer Stick: Again, being the busy girls that we are, we don’t have the time or the purse-space to mess with a foundation compact – especially the liquid or powder form. One of the most functional beauty purchases I have made is a concealer stick; it’s small, portable, and never causes a mess upon application; perfect for covering up trouble spots on the face that have become exposed during a long day.
  3. Eyeliner: I cannot tell you how many times I have thanked my lucky stars for having packed a small eyeliner pencil for emergencies. I’ve often left the house in a rush, having forgotten to apply any eye make-up. A little eyeliner goes a long way for a busy day, and it will definitely make those tired eyes look more awake. Also, if you’re going out after school or work, a little extra eyeliner, smudged with the finger or q-tip, can easily turn a day look into a night look.
  4. Lipstick: Although I’m not a huge fan of lipstick (it never made sense for an 8AM math class), I’ve always had a tube handy, just in case I had to rush out for a lunch date. However, another way I used my lipstick was an emergency blush; believe it or not, a little lipstick smudged on the apples of the cheeks is extremely similar to a creme blush. Because I have fair skin, I keep a coral colored lipstick in my emergency kit so that it not only looks good on the lips, but on the cheeks as well.
  5. Vaseline: The most versatile, functional, and necessary emergency make-up kit product has to be this beautiful little invention. I read an article not too long ago about the multipurpose use of vaseline and I was astonished; it can be used for just about anything. Vaseline can be used to control the baby hairs I have at my temples, can smooth out my “Oscar the Grouch” thick eyebrows, cuticle oil for dry hands, emergency lip-balm, and make-up remover. A magical product? I think so.
  6. Rollerball Perfume: Last, but certainly not least, having a rollerball perfume has, quite simply, changed my life. Gone are the days where I am forced to go into work or to meet with friends worried that I smell like a sweaty classroom. Since I live in Texas, where the sun beats down on me all day, I have definitely felt questionable about how I smell. However, having a little tube of perfume to roll on my wrists and neck has helped keep me feeling fresh and smelling fresher all day long, no matter where I have to be.

There you have it; a short sweet list of must-have items for a girl on the go. It’ll keep us looking good and feeling great all day long.  Have any emergency items of your own you like to carry? Share with your fellow working ladies in the comments below.