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Current Trends in Women's Glasses

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Whether you wear eyeglasses out of necessity or for fashion, finding the right frames to complement your style is essential.  Fortunately, shopping for glasses is easier than ever before with online shopping that gives you the ability to narrow your search based on certain criteria.  The Internet makes it so easy to find the current trends in glasses and guarantees that your eyewear is not only functional but fashionable as well.  Below are some current trends in women glasses, as well as a few tips for finding the right pair of glasses online.

Current Trends

You are likely aware of the fact that a trend is defined as a behavior that begins among a large group of people and is seen as something novel.  The behavior is typically followed with great popularity and enthusiasm for a decent period of time.  Just as certain as there are trends or fads in clothing, there are current trends in women’s glasses.  Below are some of the current popular eyeglass frames for women:

  • Cat-eye Frames: The current fashion trend for women is certainly bold and showy and the same is also true when it comes to eyewear.  Cat-eye frames in daring colors and flashy detailing, such as gemstones, are sure to catch anyone’s eye.  You can find chunky frames or slimmer frames depending on how audacious you really want to be.  Be prepared to turn some heads if you choose to wear this style of frames this season!
  • Half-rim Frames While half-rim frames might not be considered trendy, you may be surprised to learn how fashion has added some flare to this traditional style.  Look for faux-wood finishes across the top of the glasses as well as frames with earthy tones.  The ‘back to nature’ look is certain to be a hit because of the ability to convey both a sophisticated and relaxed appearance.
  • Aerodynamic Cat-eye Frames: If you’d like to take part in the cat-eye frame trend but aren’t sure you can pull off an entirely bold look, consider the more subtle look of this season’s aerodynamic cat-eye frames.  This modern twist on the cat-eye shape is still certain to garner some attention due to its beautiful design.

Online Shopping Tips

While you may think that shopping for women glasses online is impossible, you may be surprised at how simple it really is.  Your hesitation may stem from thinking you need to be able to see and try on every pair in person; however, there are online sites that allow you to upload a picture of yourself and virtually try on as many pairs of glasses as you would like.  Think of how convenient and fun this feature is, as you are able to really see each style of frame on your face.

Now that your hesitation to shop online for eyeglasses is gone, consider the following helpful tips when shopping online:

  1. Narrow Your Search: there are literally hundreds of glasses to choose from online so it is best to have a general idea of what you are looking for.  You can narrow your search by several criteria including price, style, color, frame shape, etc.  Be sure to use the online “try-on” tool as well!
  2. Know Your Prescription: if you are purchasing prescription glasses online you are going to need to have your prescription ready.  You will need to know your pupilary distance (PD) as well as a few other measures.  You can obtain your prescription from an ophthalmologist or optometrist before ordering your glasses online.

Online shopping for eyeglasses isn’t something you should stray away from. There’s actually a lot of benefits to it. Just make sure you follow these tips, and you’ll have no regrets.