How To Choose the Right Earrings For Your Face Shape

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Earrings come in many different styles, but not every pair of earrings is ideal for every face shape. The vast majority of women’s faces come in one of six distinct shapes: oval, round, heart-shaped, square, narrow, or diamond. Different types of women’s earrings look best depending on these face shapes. Choosing the right pair of earrings for your face shape can be flattering look while enhancing your natural beauty.

Use this guide to determine your face shape and to find an ideal pair of earrings to complete your look.


If your forehead is as wide as your cheekbones but your face narrows from your cheeks to chin then you have an oval-shaped face. Women with oval faces are lucky because they can successfully wear any style of earring. However, dangling teardrop earrings tend to be an especially good choice because they are proportioned in such a way that they don’t throw off the delicate balance of your face.


Round faces are widest at the cheekbones and have full cheeks that don’t taper sharply down towards the chin. If you have a round face, you want to choose earrings that create the illusion of length without adding too much in the way of width. Try a pair of delicate dangling earrings, such as the kind made with several beads strung on a narrow piece of wire.


Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead, tapering down to a very narrow chin. As with a round face, the goal when choosing earrings for a heart-shaped face ought to be making your face look longer. Any type of dangling earrings that hangs down well below the earlobe are a good choice for women with heart-shaped faces, and these lucky ladies are the best equipped face shape for pulling off daring chandelier earrings.


Square shaped faces are about the same width at the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw. They generally are accompanied by a very strong jaw line. The goal when choosing earrings for a square face is to soften your cheekbones and jaw line slightly. Hoop earrings of all sizes are perfect for this task since their round shape contrasts with the square angles of the face.


A narrow face has the same general shape as a square face, but is much longer than it is wide. When choosing earrings for a narrow face, it is important to not add any unnecessary length. Stud and pearl earrings that don’t dangle below the earlobe are ideal for this. Large pearls also add a certain roundness that softens the angles of the face.


Women with diamond-shaped faces tend to have strong cheekbones that are wider than both the forehead and chin. Those with this face shape can wear earrings of any length, but they should try to avoid styles with too many sharp angles. Round or gently curved earrings are the best choice for diamond-shaped faces.

If your favorite pair of earrings is not the ideal style for your face, you don’t necessarily have to stop wearing them regularly. As long as a piece of jewelry makes you feel confident, it is bound to be a positive addition to your overall look.

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