8 Simple Tips to Funk Up Your Work Outfits

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Lots of women find their work outfits boring. It’s usually a simple jumper and plain trousers, or if you’re lucky it might be a long pencil skirt instead. Dressing for work shouldn’t be a chore; it should be fun! You probably enjoy dressing for other occasions, so why not work? You might even find that if you start to enjoy putting work outfits together. This will shine through in your productivity. Test out these eight tips and see:

1. Only Wear Clothes That Fit and Suit You

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Work wear doesn’t have to look manly, even if you must wear a suit or trousers. You should only wear clothes that suit and fit you if you want to look amazing. Suits can look lovely if you have them properly fitted to your size and shape. You can also buy more feminine suits from high street stores.

2. Make the Most of Monochrome

Monochrome is a safe bet for work, but can be boring. It doesn’t have to include just black trousers and white shirt. Why not wear patterns in monochrome so your clothes are visually interesting and still work appropriate? Polka dots and stripes are a great choice.

3. Cinch at the Waist

To further make the most of your shape, cinch in at the waist. You obviously don’t want to go overboard by showing off too much chest or leg, but there’s nothing wrong with showing off a small waist. You can do this by adding a nice belt, or by wearing high-waisted trousers with a tucked in shirt.

 4. Pile on Accessories

Feel free to experiment with your accessories when you’re putting together work outfits! You can’t go wrong, as there isn’t really a way they could be inappropriate. Obviously, you don’t want your jewelry to be too shiny or flashy. However, you can make your outfit look way more interesting with a statement necklace and a cocktail ring, for instance.

5.  Get Colorful

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Get colorful with your work outfits; there’s no reason you can’t! You can pick one bright color and then pair that color with neutrals to make it suitable for work. A hot pink blouse, for example, would look nice tucked into a black pencil skirt. You don’t want to dress too colorfully, as you don’t want your boss to get the wrong idea.

6. Test Out Texture

Test out different textures to see if you can create some extra interest in your work outfits. Wear a fluffy jumper with your regular work trousers. Wear a loopy cardigan over your regular work blouse. Make things interesting with texture!

7. Select Unusual Cuts

Choose an item with an unusual cut to keep things fresh and exciting. Cowl necks are a great choice in both jumpers and dresses! The JustFab app offers inspiration for items like this.

8. Shop Vintage

Finally, why not shop vintage for your work blouses? This way, your blouse and trouser combo will never be boring. Plus, you’ll always look different to everybody else in the office.

Have fun!