5 Types of Trendy Shoes Every Business Woman Should Have

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Working in a business environment can quickly become monotonous; a fun way to change that is through fashion. It’s a way  women can express themselves and you should really use that to your advantage. However, with expected dress codes, it’s hard to have a little fun, which is why I’ve created this list of must have trendy shoes for every business woman that give you a little more room for fun.

1. Classic Black Pump

Okay so the classic black pump is a must just because you can wear it with anything. I have my Vince Camuto leather classic pump and Kelsi Dagger patent snake print classic pump and I find myself often going back to these two pairs even when I’m trying to change things up a bit. It’s simple; they’re handy and are an easy ‘go-to’ pair when all else fails. It’s like the little black dress of shoes.

2. Pointed Mary Jane Pump

Pointed shoes are always a must, although I’ve only recently become more fond of them. The Mary Jane strap at the ankle, however, makes this style a little more bold. It also gives it more variety to play around with. You can easily wear these with pants, but I think they look best with a high-waisted skirt which allows you to take full advantage of this style.

3. Subtle Color/Print Pump

How often do you find yourself going back to the blacks and whites? More than necessary, I assume. Add a little color or print in your shoes. Nothing too bright or drastic, of course, but the shoe will stand out and not in a bad way. These ALDO pumps are the perfect balance of color and print. However, if you want to be more subtle, you can look for a black pump with an animal print in the heel or strap.

4. Low Wedges

If  you’re working in corporate offices in a big city, then more often than not, you’re walking some distance to and from work. A low wedge is perfect for such instances. They still have a heel so they’ll give you some height, but they aren’t high enough to quickly tire you out. The fact that they’re a full wedge also makes them more comfortable because of the full support.

5. T-Strap Flat

Every business woman needs at least one pair of flats in her closet. Heels can become tiring and, let’s face it, sometimes our feet need a break. I’ve recently become a huge fan of t-strap flats because they’re both fashionable and comfortable. You can wear them with a business suit and they’ll keep you looking stylish without sacrificing comfort. What more can you ask for?

These are five must have shoes for a business woman’s closet, but let’s be honest; we’re women, and if your anything like me, these five pairs of shoes or nowhere near enough! Call me crazy, but I have nearly 30 pairs; my favorite being my Jeffrey Campbell Dina platforms. How many pairs do you have in your closet? Share with us some of your closet faves in the comments below!