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Fab Five Fashion Trends for Summer

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Trending this summer are ruffles, high waists, neon colors and whites, and this is your ultimate guide to what you should be wearing.

These pieces are great because you can do a lot of mixing and matching — perfect if you are on a budget (which most of us are). I have made a list of the trends and how you can rock them out.

Bright Colors

Neon colors are going to set you apart from all the others. A punch of color is great, especially if it’s a bold-colored top with neutral bottoms. Another way you can stand out, but in a more subtle way, is by adding bright shoes — like red or purple — to an outfit that is neutral or plain.

Ruffle Some Feathers

Ruffles equal one word: Flirty! A great way to pull off a ruffle look is to pair a plain tank top with a tiered or all-ruffle skirt. I find ruffles to be very figure-flattering as well. If you’re having “a fat day” and still want to feel sexy, ruffles are a quick fix!

The New Gold: Rose Gold

The newest trend this season would have to be the rose-gold color. It is a mixture between a light pink, nude, and gold. It is very popular in jewelry and can add a trendy touch to any outfit.

White Out

Possibly the biggest trend among designers this year would have to be white. White is awesome for summer because it looks amazing on tan skin. Additionally, it is a simple staple to have in your wardrobe that also won’t go out of style for next year. Something I would recommend to get in white would be a casual dress. It is perfect to have for a first date or even just to go out shopping with your girlfriends!

High-Waisted Skirts = Long Legs

They’re back! High-waisted skirts are great for many reasons. First, they show off your body, especially if you have curves. They are perfect for work and a night out on the town. So you can wear them from day to night! These skirts are also great because you are able to add belts to them! Mix your outfit up with a thin belt during the day and a thick one for night.

Remember not to combine all these trends together in one look. It is important to stick to one to three trends per outfit, otherwise you could land a spot on “The Fashion Police” with Joan Rivers! So, keep your trends to a minimum and stay looking fabulous all summer long with these five trends.