Lady Lennia Courtney Martin on BEING YOU!

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Lady Lennia Courtney Martin on BEING YOU!

Today I was going to talk about some pure foolery that got to me today. But sometimes you just have to laugh at people. Pray on it and let it go. Here I am, 25 years old and more mature than people double my age. Being a mom has taught me so much and allowed me to be ahead of my time. My coworkers, Ms. Dee and Ms. Yvonne, tell me I have been here before because I am so old-fashioned. They claim I am not really 25, but way older. I can cook better than most grandmothers and know all the home remedies. My favorite genre of music is jazz, and I tend to be very laid back. My boyfriend thinks I’m a nerd because of the way I am. But he loves it!

So the lesson for today: BE YOU! That’s what makes you so great. Despite what happened today I have maintained taking people at face value only, nothing more nothing less. I’m still being the classy lady I was raised to be, and currently raising my kids to be. How about a 25-year-old being the bigger person? High five! So you may ask what to do when stressed. Instead of diving into that ice cream or Snickers bar, turn your energy elsewhere. Exercising is one way to get rid of a lot of tension. But also try yoga for the meditation, to get your thoughts together. Pilates is a great way to meditate also.

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Today I will go home and work out. I will turn on music and my kids and I will do knee highs, push ups, stomach crunches and we will have a ball while doing it. Try coming up with a two-minute dance routine and recording yourself.  Now every time you work out, you can start by replaying yourself and practicing your routine. Before you know it you will have a bunch of routines to pull together and dance your calories right off. The best way to lose weight is to do it while having fun. It takes away the boring factor. I laughed until I cried yesterday with my kids, we had a bunch a fun. Can’t wait to get home and work out with them.   -Ms.C (Missy)