Lady Lennia Courtney Martin on Relieving Stress!

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Lady Lennia Courtney Martin on Relieving Stress!

Today was a rather stressful day, but I am so glad I know of ways to relieve stress, especially at work. For my headache I drank a Coke; caffeine helps relieve headaches. Not to mention an ice cold Coke is just a stress reliever altogether. At my job we have a walking trail and picnic tables with umbrellas to block the sun. When I felt I was going to burst, my coworker Ms. Yvonne took me outside for a short walk and to sit outside for our 15-minute break. Being outside is the cheapest way to relax. It is totally free, and fresh air

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Get some much needed fresh air to help relieve stress.

can change your mood drastically. Yesterday, I went to walk on the beach strip. It was so relaxing, and it allowed me to get my thoughts together. Another great stress relief is with music. Music has so many genres, so no matter how you feel there is a song you can relate to. Mad at your boyfriend? Try Chrisette Michele “What You Do.” Happy to be alive? Try Jill Scott “Golden.” Do you know a Sara? Try Hall and Oates “Sara Smile.” Other great stress relievers are exercising, blogging, and throwing all of your energy into a hobby.

If you find yourself with just too much time to think about all of your problems, it is probably because you have entirely too much time on your hands. While it is good to not be busy all the time, it is good to have something you can do in your spare time. Hobbies not only give a sense of purpose but it also helps divert laziness and boredom. Hobbies can be anything from stamp collecting to something extreme such as horseback riding or bungee jumping.  My advice today is to stay active. Try setting a record for doing five push-ups in five minutes. Keep trying to break your record every day and note your results. You can try this with different exercises as well. By week four, you should be able to do over 10 with no problem. Make sure you stretch first to avoid sprains and strains, and stay hydrated.  –Ms.C (Missy)