Think Like A Man: The Easiest Way to Make a Guy Yours

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So, you want a relationship, but the guys don’t want to settle down with you?

Somewhere along the way, you’re not man and woman shadowplaying the game or you’re not playing it correctly. There are a few easy steps to getting the guy you want, and they’re the same ones guys use to get women’s attention: Be cool, mysterious and smart.

Show You’re Interested – Once.

You see the guy you like across the room, and you notice he’s checking you out. Here’s your chance – you could:

  • A. Make eye contact. Call him over with your eyes so that he knows you’re interested
  • B. Smile so that he knows you’re friendly
  • C. Wink, a little flirting never hurt anyone

After this you shouldn’t flood his phone with calls or put any more effort into showing him you care. You gave him your number, didn’t you? That’s enough to let him know you’re interested.

Don’t Call

So, you’ve got his attention. Now you just have to wait on the call or the text. Never call him. Ever. Until you feel established enough as a couple or at least being exclusive, let him do the work. If he wants you, he’ll show you by calling. If he doesn’t call, he isn’t thinking about you. Go back to Step 1 with a new guy.

Get a Life

Do not, I repeat, do not sit by the phone waiting on him to call you. It is not attractive. What’s great about relationships is that you have two people bringing something to the plate to talk about so that they can get to know each other. No one wants a girl who has no depth to her except when it comes to pleasing her man. Get a hobby and get used to loving yourself.

Keep Your Options Open

Always keep in mind that until you are in a committed relationship, there is no reason not to play the field. Just because you meet one new guy does not mean you have to drop every guy you are talking to at the moment. Dating is all about the elimination process. You date so that you can figure out what it is you want in a guy. And keeping your options open means getting rid of the ones who do not fit your standards.

Give Guys a Chance

Last but not least, give these guys a chance. I have seen girls eliminate great guys from their choices because of some small things that could easily be fixed, like a bad pair of shoes. Come on girls, if he is great in all the other areas, does a pair of dusty shoes really matter?

There it is in a nutshell. Sure, there are plenty of other things to take into account, like following your intuition, watching for signs that the guy you are talking to is scum, and just being honest with these guys. With these tips, I wish everyone good luck.