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3 Steps to Creating Your Dream Engagement Ring

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Wedding Ring

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An engagement ring is a precious, life long gift that requires some serious consideration when it is selected. For the groom-to-be, it can sometimes be a difficult choice, but as for the bride-to-be, she’s known forever exactly what she wants. Luckily, for newly engaged couples, online jewelry shops make it easy for them to select the ideal rings for their engagement together; sometimes you’ll even be able to customize certain aspects together. Tradition says that it should be a surprise for the bride-to-be, but nowadays, couples are choosing rings together more often than ever. When picking out or customizing the perfect ring together, there are some quality factors to consider before making a choice. Check these choices out below. 

Gold, White Gold or Sterling Silver?

The first step is to select the material composition of the actual ring. Yellow gold is a traditional choice for the setting material. It’s traditional, beautiful and timeless. However, white gold is quickly becoming a popular option. The quality is just as great, and the one factor that makes most couples choose this option is the fact that the color matches beautifully with the brilliance of large diamond stones. Your last choice is sterling silver which can also be integrated into the setting of an engagement ring. So how do you make a choice? For many it’s the price ranges and quality of each, and those are things to seriously consider. The price for gold settings depends directly on the karat rating and weight. Sterling silver usually has a uniform 99.9 percent composition, so only the weight will determine the final price of a setting made from this precious metal.

Oooh Shiny!

The most fun part of selecting a custom engagement ring online is picking the diamond stone. This will be the centerpiece and focal point of the ring, so you have to make sure and reassure that you make the perfect choice. Shoppers can start by defining the carat weight of a diamond piece. A carat weight between 1.0 and 5.0 is considered common and anything more than 5 carats is on the upper price spectrum. The cut, clarity, and color of a central diamond piece can also be carefully selected online. This can highly variate the prices as well. Additionally, the shape of a diamond stone can be customized according to unique preferences such as heart, oval, or even a butterfly shape.

I Won’t Allow You To Ever Forget

I can’t say it’s true because I’ve never personally experienced it, but from the way society makes it seem, men tend to forget anniversary dates. This brings me to the last option you have when choosing your ring. Engravings can be done on the inner side of the ring with names, initials, wedding dates or anything of the sort. It’s an extra and beautiful way to remind each other of the love you two have for each other. A great example of rings you can personalize online to your exact preference is actually Moissanite engagement rings which also allows you to custom design your perfect ring.