6 Recipes to Celebrate Marriage Equality!

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It’s official: as of 6/26, same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, and we’re ready to celebrate! The country is showing off its rainbow pride, so why not throw in some rainbow food for your Fourth of July BBQ, party, or even your wedding ceremony?

  1. Rainbow Veggie Flatbread Pizza (Gimme Some Oven)
gay pride rainbow pizza

Gimme Some Oven

In addition to a ton of healthy (and beautiful) veggies like broccoli, onions, and peppers, this delicious pizza is made with Naan crust! Add parmesan cheese to taste, and spike with some red pepper flakes for a kick. Even better: cook time is a short 20 minutes.


  1. Rainbow Slush (Ramblings from the Sunshine State)
rainbow slush gay pride marriage equality

Ramblings From the Sunshine State

Keep cool with some fruity rainbow slush! This might be the easiest recipe of all time, so check it out to see the one and only ingredient! To be served in a huge cup—makes for a lovely centerpiece as well as a tasty treat for all your guests. Add some rum to make it a fishbowl-style cocktail!


  1. Rainbow Cheesecake Hearts (Tablespoon)
rainbow cheesecake hearts


If you love messing around with food coloring, you’re going to love this recipe. It may not be as healthy as the veggie pizza, oh well—it’s layers and layers of cheesecake fun. Grab your heart-shaped molds and get to it! Could make a unique and gorgeous wedding cake **Hint: invite me to your wedding**.


mini donuts doughnuts marriage equality


This is just decorating Cheerios to look like donuts. These prideful little snacks will excite any crowd—even the haters. Who can have hate when there are tiny donuts?

  1. Gummy Bear Martini (Blovely Events)

    gummy bear martini


    Inspired by The Charlesmark Lounge in Boston, these martinis use candy as garnishes that perfectly compliment your drink. Try these tips to make your martini a little sweet, a little sour, and a little bit more colorful.


  1. Funfetti Cake Cheese Ball (WhatsCookingLove)


    Dip wafer cookies into this giant ball of cream cheese and sugar! This yummy appetizer will make your entire audience smile. The recipe says “jimmies”, but if you’re from New York like me, you’ll say sprinkles. Today, we put aside our differences in word choice and say that all words for sprinkles are treated equally.

    There is certainly a long way to go in the quest for equality; there is a lot of work to be done. Still, this is a monumental step, and we must stop for a moment to appreciate these milestone victories. Celebrate together: laugh, smile, and eat, eat, eat!