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5 Ways to Make a Wish on New Year's Eve

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New Year’s Eve is one of the largest global celebrations around the world. Not only does it bring various people together through mutual festivities, but it also holds a sort of magical quality. Since I was a little kid, the night of New Year’s Eve always had a special place in my heart! Born and raised in Russia, this holiday was the most important event of the year as this is when a lot of Russian customs and traditions took place. Russian superstitions and fortunetelling culture made the New Year’s Eve night the perfect time to make most cherished wishes. In order to diversify your New Year’s Eve, I wanted to share the most memorable traditions in my family on how to make a New Year’s wish.

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Ashes in Champagne: This unique and extravagant way guarantees almost hundred percent fulfillment of the wish and therefore is my favorite. While the chimes are striking midnight, you need to write your wish on a piece of paper, burn in it on a candle, mix the ashes in your glass of champagne and drink it before the 12 strikes cease. This method gives you an adrenaline rush, since it happens so fast. Therefore, it’s better to have a piece of paper and a pencil ready by each plate at the table. And not to worry, you won’t be able to taste the ashes at all!

12 Wishes: Another way to make a wish is to write 12 different wishes on 12 separate pieces of paper. Usually, you start writing them down after midnight. After all 12 wishes are written down, you have to roll them up and put them under your pillow. The next morning, without looking draw one of the paper rolls and the wish that you drew will be the one that supposed to come true. But there is a catch! For a wish to come true, you have to go to bed before 3 a.m. while the night is young. It is considered that after 3 a.m. the morning starts, and the magic of the night is gone.

Packets of goodies: This is the way to make a wish for material well-being. If in the upcoming year you want financial stability and career growth, you should prepare pretty little bags. The amount of bags has to equal the last two digits of the upcoming year, e.g. for 2014 you should have 14 bags ready. In each bag put some goodies, such as fruits or candies. When the chimes strike midnight, silently make a wish. Afterwards, step outside and give the bags away to the first strangers you come across. You have to sincerely wish them wealth and prosperity in the New Year in order for your own to come true.

A Jumping Wish: This fun way to make a wish is perfect for a large group of friends and family. While the clock is striking 12, you need to jump as high as possible and make the most sacred wish during in your jump. The main trick is that the wish has to be short and sweet in order to fit in a jump. It might get chaotic, but this method tends to be entertaining to kids!

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12 Grapes: This is the most delicious way to make a wish! Put a large plate of grapes on the New Year’s Eve table. A minute before the chimes start striking midnight, think about your wish. Then, as soon as the clock begins its 12 beats, eat one grape with each strike. The main thing is to manage your timing while eating the grapes and if you succeed, your wish will definitely come true!

So, this New Year’s Eve, step outside the box and add a brand-new tradition of wish-making to your family fun and feel the magic!