Why Life Long Learning Is Good For Your Pay Check And Your Mental Health

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Did you love it or did you loathe it? How did you feel about school and about learning in general? People can be divided into two groups in terms of how they view education. There are those that lap up new information and get a kick from learning new things. Then are those that had a terrible time in school and left vowing that they would never study ever again. This is an understandable decision to make if you were very unhappy in school but it may be one that you live to regret.

The problem is that the world has moved on and we are now required to learn new things every day. If you feel negative about learning because of previous experiences at school or college you may have resisted taking on a new learning challenge, or starting a course. Perhaps it is time for you to think again.

Learning for your financial security

The statistics are clear about who earns more money. The more highly educated you are, the more money you are likely to earn a higher salary. There are exceptions to the rule but they are few and far between. We have all heard about entrepreneur millionaires who dropped out of high school early and went on to make their first million dollars before they hit twenty. However, they are the exception.

For most people, higher qualifications mean a bigger salary. If you left school with very few qualifications it does not matter. You can pick up your education at any stage of your life. You just have to select a subject that is relevant to your chosen career pathway and that will help you climb up the promotion ladder.

life long learning

Some qualifications are very ‘portable’. This means that they are useful in just about any job and so they would be a good choice for you. Anything to do with information technology (IT) falls into this category because the world of work is now computer based. There are plenty of courses associated with IT at the College of Westchester which you could enroll on to expand your knowledge in this area. At the end of the course, you will know more about administration, design, support, and maintenance of local area and wide area networks. You will be taught through lectures and using Microsoft Windows operating systems and Cisco IOS. After this, you will be an asset to any employer.

Learning for your mental health

Medical research has shown that learning new skills can help with stress, depression, and anxiety. Life-long learning is increasingly recognized as a pathway to good mental health and may even prevent diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The mechanism through which it does this is not entirely understood but it is thought that it is because learning a new skill or getting a new qualification boosts self-esteem and gives people a real sense of purpose.

The key to success is to set targets and then to enjoy the sense of satisfaction when you achieve it.

If you feel negative about learning because of previous experiences at school, then perhaps it is time for you to think of life long learning.