Why I Will Not Be Celebrating Valentine’s Day This Year

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Normally, when people say they are not celebrating Valentine’s Day, it usually means that they don’t have a date and are going to sit in a dark room, alone, while eating a tub of and Ben and Jerry’s and watching a never-ending stream of sappy movies on Netflix. But why? If you don’t have a date on the day of love then you’re bound to be lonely for the rest of your life? Why do people think this? Here are a few reasons why they do.

Valentines Day Is No Longer About Love

Valentine's Day red rose

How would you feel if your partner sent a bouquet of 100 long-stemmed red roses to your office? Pretty damn good, right? Now imagine if they sent 6 white carnations…the feelings are a little different. Valentine’s Day has been warped into a “bigger is better” competition. There’s this bizarre reasoning that “the more money spent, the more that special someone loves me” instead of “this person loves me, so they sent these flowers to me to show that.” Not saying that you would not be grateful for the carnations, but you’d still be a little disappointed that your partner did not go all out so that you could show off to your office mates.

Overly Commercialized

Valentines Day Amazon boxes in love

In the middle of January, I walked into Wal-Mart for a new DIY project. The first thing that I saw was an aisle full of giant, overstuffed, pink and red toys and chocolates. And all I could think was, my guy better get me one of these for Valentine’s Day! I even sent a picture of my favorite to him and said “Now you know lol.” I had fallen into the trap of “if you really loved me, you’d get me this.” Did you know that over eight billion cards will be printed for Valentines Day?

Single and NOT Ready to Mingle

So what if you’re single on Valentine’s Day? It is almost taboo to not have a date! You do not need to be out and about with your boyfriend or girlfriend to be happy on V-Day. You also do not need to stay in and feel sorry for yourself. It is just another day to go shopping at the mall, catch a movie, or spoil yourself at the spa!

I Have An Anniversary For a Reason

If you and your partner need that certain day of the year to go all out and show your love for one another…Hello! You have your anniversary! Not only is it more personal for the two of you, I might be a little easier to get a reservation somewhere that is not on the day that everyone is out together.

So, whether or not you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, make sure you stay healthy and happy.