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Transitioning From Alaska to Texas, A Big Move For A Career

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There never seems to be a grey area when it comes to transitions. Meaning they either run smoothly or they are doomed from the get go—odds are always 50/50. So when transitioning from summer mode back to super-busy-semester mode how do you make sure the “odds are ever in your favor?”

This summer I took a leap of faith and applied for an internship in Alaska with the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and to my surprise, I was accepted into the competitive program. I jetted 4,000 miles, merely days after my last final exam of the spring semester, on a 16-hour trip that landed me directly into a fast paced summer of living, laughing and lifting fifty pound feed bags. For the next three months, I lived with about 10 interns in a single wide trailer and worked with about 18 interns from all over America. Only two interns (myself, and a Hawaiian girl attending college in California) were still in college and we knew once the summer ended we would be back to early mornings and mind numbing study sessions. Needless to say, all summer we worked hard during the day and played as hard as the graduates come night, which in Alaska is still daylight.

As the summer season began to close, that familiar uneasy feeling of adjusting to a new set of classes and professors began to rear its ugly head. Reluctantly I began watching chemistry study sessions on my laptop as well as reading up on my classes and emailing professors. I also had to keep up with my sports column, Sports and the City—originally started for my university newspaper—which kept my mind school-oriented. I’ll tell you now, this sort of preparation was new to me, but I was determined to be on my game for this upcoming fall semester. It could have had something to do with spending time with so many college graduates and/or having a roommate who actually cared whether I studied or not.

Whatever the reason, my transition into the coming fall semester has been the smoothest to date. Even with missing the first day of classes, thanks to another grueling 14-hour flight; I don’t feel like I’m stepping into the year blind and clumsy. It’s like I always say, confidence will get you everywhere in life. Well, that and a strong Wi-Fi connection.