How to Remove Stains from Furniture [Video]

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There is nothing more frustrating than stains on your furniture. Not only does it make you appear sloppy or messy, but it might be impossible to remove. My dog was left alone in the house and somehow found a pen. And not just any pen. The clicky one that writes super smooth. The one we all wish we had in school but our parents refused to buy it for us because it’s almost five dollars for a pack of two. Now that I make my own money and being a writer, I have dozens of these pens. That may have been my first mistake (leaving it out for the dog to find was my second).

A Pilot Pen: G-2 series courtesy of pilotpen.us

A Pilot Pen: G-2 series, courtesy of pilotpen.us

As she chewed it, not only was the ink on her face, but it was all over my couch. And I was terrified to try to clean it; not wanting to smear it and make it worse. I called my mother and she suggested hand sanitizer. She said a man delivering her furniture had told her it could remove stains from fabric. I did some quick research on the internet to verify and it seemed a lot of women were using sanitizer, or rubbing alcohol, to get the stains off their furniture. So in this video, I put it to the test.


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