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Fashion: What’s It To You?

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Fashion is all around us, it’s a lifestyle accessed through self-expression. It’s the attitude and confidence you have in yourself accessorized in the clothes you wear. You can exude an artistic side of yourself through whatever you may have in your closet, whether it is a hot pair of pumps or a pair of vintage jeans. Fashion can be a form of art you make your own. There are no rules in fashion it is a free for all and anyone can be a part of it. Whether your style is edgy and optimistic or timid and confined, fashion helps you define a segment of your personality and gives you the ability to shine and set yourself apart from everyone else.

I am in love with fashion. We are in a lifelong relationship and I will never break up with it. Every inch of me eats, sleeps and breathes a fashionable state of mind. I feel as though if I didn’t choose to go into the field of fashion design I would be lost in a world of retail and misunderstanding bosses. Fashion is the outlet that gives me the electricity I need to charge up ideas and give off my light to the world. Okay enough of being deep, but I am truly made for this industry and not everyone can say that. It is a tough cut throat journey and everyone wants to get to the top. Passion leads the way beyond every struggle, or various sleepless nights I may face and when I want to give up and I question myself as to why I decided fashion as a career choice, I quickly slap myself back into reality and say, “Duh, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be!”

I’ve even gone as far as asking a friend if this was right for me, and as I closed my eyes and cringed from the thought of him slapping some sense into me, he quickly stated, “What? Are you crazy?” Sometimes in life you need a good friend to get you back on track and keep you level-headed and focused on what it is you have to do.  Fashion is a test of my physical and mental endurance every day and perseverance is truly the key. When I have a goal I’ll stop at nothing to reach it.

It’s amazing to me that every garment of clothing first starts off as an idea in someone’s head then gets transferred to a drawing in a sketchbook that can eventually have the potential to be manufactured and sent to stores all over the world. Then you walk in your favorite store, and pick up the item, and you are now wearing that person’s vision that was once in the recesses of their mind. Fashion is not just the clothes you wear, but it’s the very thought process of an artistic person, a designer, an innovator, a cultivator of sorts. Designers play a very important role, to inspire the masses with the creative ability to change lifestyles by way of dress, to appeal to different social statuses, cultures and creed of people. This is probably the reason why I can’t stop shopping! I truly believe fashion makes the world go around, and without it we would all be naked! My biggest advice is to wear what you love, captivate who you are, create your own essence of style and never let anyone tell you that you can’t prosper!