5 Apps You Need To Survive College

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So, it’s edging closer to that time again. Sleeping in and lazing around watching Bridesmaids for the 100th time can no longer be done without a twinge of guilt. Once again, you need to cut back the hours for that job you had over the holidays, meaning your bank account is looking dire again. Arriving back to college after holidays is always a difficult task to face, and for some, feeling like you’re on top of the never-ending deadlines never happens. Ever wished there was an app to ensure you always have those assignments in on time without missing another social event? Have a look at some of the apps or websites designed to make your college life easy.

survive college

1. Evernote

Evernote is the perfect tool if you’re looking for effortless note-taking and note-syncing. With the ability to tag documents, this allows for incredible search options when trying to find that exact note you hurriedly typed up. Available both through a web browser and a mobile app, it is allows easy access to your notes at any time. A definite if you’re looking for an easy way to sort all those notes in the one place.

2. EasyBib

It’s interesting to wonder how anyone ever referenced sources before this tool was invented. EasyBib is a app that takes the effort out of having to learn a new referencing system. With each college, or even department, preferring a different referencing style, it can often be hard to memorise the exact formatting for each course. EasyBib allows you to the scan the code of the book you are referencing, choose your reference style (whether it be Harvard, APA, or even just a bibliography) and it does the rest for you.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is your answer to never having to carry a USB around ever again. With 15GB of online cloud storage, it doesn’t matter how long your thesis is, you will still have room to save it without having to worry. Google Drive allows file uploads for a variety of documents, and allows you to work on them through a variety of other Google Apps. For example, Microsoft Word documents convert over perfectly when using Google Docs. This is the perfect tool for those who want to work on the go with the flexibility of devices.

4. GradeBuddy

Ever felt guilty about missing a class because you had a big night the before? Or maybe your computer battery died and you couldn’t take any more notes in class? GradeBuddy takes away that guilt by giving you access to other people’s notes from a course you are taking. Collaborating is a skill taught at college, and this is a unique site to help build your knowledge through collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.

5. Self Control

How many times have you ended up on Facebook on an ex’s, new girlfriend’s, cousin’s page? Or scrolling through Instagram at pictures from a week ago? If that sounds familiar, then it’s probably time to stop procrastinating and download this app. Self Control helps you avoid distracting websites by blocking your own access to websites or mail servers for a pre-set length of time.


While you still have to take charge and do the work necessary to succeed in college, these five apps can make things a tad bit easier.