Meet December 2011 Family Lady Lennia: Nicole Henney

Meet Lady Lennia Nicole Henney

Sign: Capricorn

Age: 23

Pet Peeve: Rude people or people that are not considerate of others, it’s just downright unkind…. and anytime your silverware clanks against other silverware or the plate, makes my teeth chatter.

Favorite Movie: I love comedies and romance, but my all time favorite would have to be, Fried Green Tomatoes! Classic, & Wedding Crashers, Hangover, While you were sleeping, Father of the Bride 1 & 2.. the list goes on.

Favorite family event: Taking Rylee for a walk outside, or spending time inside playing with her or while sitting at the dinner table just talking and laughing, Rylee is good at this she can just sit there and crack up and you’re in tears before you know it!

Miss Millennia Magazine is for the woman who is driven to complete her own personal success point and dreams and sometimes those dreams include the love of others around them.  American writer Elbert Hubbard stated No matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?” This months lady Lennia, Nicole Henney puts family first with her daughter Rylee and her husband Will. At the age of 23, Nicole has already accomplished what many women dream of..to have a family of her very own. But this alone is not what makes Nicole so awesome, she also takes classes, and has a blog on her own at http://nicolehenneystherapy.blogspot.com/! Read more about this month’s lovely lady lennia.

Are you in, or have you gone to college? If so, when did you graduate or what is your expected graduation date? I am currently enrolled in college.

I attend Ohio Business College in Sandusky, OH.

What is your area of study? If you are not enrolled in school, then what alternative did you take to put yourself on the

road to accomplishing your dreams?

I am majoring in Business Administration and Medical Office Administration.

What is your age?

23 Years Young!!

What has been your biggest struggle in achieving your goals? How are you overcoming it?

My biggest struggle has probably been my lack of motivation to focus on my school work and assignments and knowing how to juggle them into my daily life, only because I have a huge responsibility as a mother, wife and student. My beautiful 11- month old daughter Rylee remains my number one priority daily and as her mother I make sacrifices daily to make sure she gets extra special attention and continue to make sure she’s number one on mommy’s priority list. Even though I may push work off to last minute I am accomplishing everything I ever dreamed, being a wife a mother and a student all at one time and juggling it all fabulously!! I try to overcome my struggle with time management of school work by designating times while Rylee is napping, or taking advantage of my time after her bedtime, it’s that time that is crucial and I make sure I am accomplishing all my work and meeting those deadlines.

What inspires you?

Tons of things! Life inspires me, there is so much out there it’s a limitless canvas to paint every day the experiences you can have and memories to make, I am also inspired by other mothers and mothers who are students and wives doing the daily grind like I do and making their families complete and so well put together, and just living daily life but doing it what seems flawlessly, mothers are a huge inspiration of mine because it’s so empowering and ohh geez at a loss of words how wonderful it is, to be able to bring a human into this world and make them such a great, intelligent well rounded person and knowing you had a piece in that. It inspires me daily to have Rylee, my husband Will and my family in my life to support them and make sure they are well taken care of and it gives me my drive to want better things in our lives and to do the best possible for all of them.

What would you write about for the blog?

I would write about daily activities I do with Rylee, and the experiences in juggling family life, school life and married life all into the mixture. I would also maybe write about reviews on toddler products I am using with Rylee and how they make activities or daily living we do easier around the house.

Do you feel like you can inspire women in their 20′s and 30′s? If so how would you go about doing this?

I feel like I could be an inspiration to women, it’s not gravy going to school and managing a family and household all time but boy! do I enjoy it, even the rough patches I wouldn’t trade for the world, and I feel like this could empower other moms’  or women out there that get caught up in the worlds struggles and let them know that even though it’s not an easy road its very attainable and if I can do it, so can they!

Who does Lady Lennia represent to you?

Lady Lennia represents a strong, self confident and intelligent women to me. A women that knows she holds a place in this world and she can make a mark. A true lady with morals and standards and a women who is not afraid to let her true colors show.

Why would you make a great Lady Lennia for the Family Edition?

I would make a great Lady Lennia for the family edition because I am a 23-year old mother who is juggling school, family life and married life all together, and I feel like I could be very relatable to lots of other young moms out there that haven’t let their dreams go to the waist side because they have started a family early, I feel like I could show them that there is still something out there for them and that they can still do it and not give up on their dreams. I also could be relatable to other wives, or new mothers and maybe give them ideas of how they can accomplish their dreams too!

Check out Nicole’s blog!