A Tropical Staycation

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tropical fruit: coconuts, pineapples, grapefruits, oranges, kiwis, mangoes, papayas, bananas, passion fruits

Various tropical fruits that smell heavenly in any beauty product form.

Research and various studies show that it is often the anticipation of a vacation that is the most exciting aspect for many people. The idea of going on vacation often inspires thoughts of fun, sun, relaxation and a little self-pampering. Many people choose warm, tropical or seaside locations for their vacation destination because these areas tend to provide the ideal elements for relaxation.

The excited anticipation of a vacation is something most people only experience once or twice a year. However, daily activities, work-related stress and that overwhelming sense of schedule overload can make you yearn for a vacation many times throughout the year. An ideal way to find the tranquility a vacation offers without having to ask for time off from work, travel a long distance or spend a considerable amount of money is to enjoy a staycation.

In keeping with the idea that thoughts and visualizations of a tropical location stir thoughts of relaxing moments in the sun, luxurious spa locations and tranquility in its finest form, you can create a spa-like experience in your master bath. An ideal way to always have the opportunity for a mini-vacation at home is to keep a supply of Hawaiian beauty products on hand. A collection of lotions with scents such as coconut rose, and pineapple is a good starting point for your staycation collection of products. Scented soy candles can help set the mood for a relaxing bath. Loofah soaps and handmade soaps in scents that momentarily transport you to a tropical paradise can make your mini escape even more pleasant and relaxing.

Having a collection of self-pampering bath products on hand and decorating your bathroom in a way that resembles a spa retreat assures that on an especially stressful day, you can enjoy that vacation-like anticipation knowing that once you get home, a tropical escape awaits you. It’s a good idea to invest in some luxurious towels, slippers and bathrobe to make the experience seem even more authentic. A small investment in a sound machine can greatly enhance your staycation experience.

Gift sets of tropical bath and body products  are a great gift idea for any special occasion. They are also a wonderful way to lift the spirit of a friend who is feeling a little over-extended, going through a difficult physical or emotional time or for someone who just needs a little cheering up.


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A Tropical Staycation