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Support: 3 Places to Buy Breast Cancer Merchandise

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In honor of National Breast Cancer month, various companies typically come out with products to show support and raise awareness to the second most deadliest cancer to women.

Breast cancer is estimated to take the lives of 39,620 women this year alone. But with major strides in research and the increase of earlier screening, death rates and incidences have declined since 2000. This is likely due to the immense amount of recognition breast cancer has gotten over the years. However there are still some disparities across racial lines.

As more and more women are informed about the disease and its effects, lots of companies and retailers have been pushing for products that will get people to support awareness.

Below you’ll find a list of three companies, some of who sponsor Bright Pink—a non-profit organization devoted to the early detection of breast cancer among other companies that are participating in breast cancer awareness.

Pink ribbons, or simply pink, symbolizes breast cancer awareness for the month of October. Wearing pink this month, either by coincidence or support—you are doing a part in raising awareness for a cancerous disease. And after some speculation of where Victoria Secret’s PINK line profits go to, it’s best to support companies that indicate where their profit goes to.

Here are three:


American Eagle’s intimates & loungewear line began their breast cancer awareness last year. See here for their bras.

Aerie will donate $1 to Bright Pink for every bra sold.

Susan G. Komen

The most widely-known breast cancer foundation, known for their fundraising race, Race for the Cure.

They donate funds for research and outreach programs. Shop here.


Buy a multitude of products from different designers, from mugs to sweaters. More.

They will donate 10% of funds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


If you do want to support breast cancer through a purchase, please see the three sites above.

Breast Cancer Merchandise