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Summers Nearly Over But Your Fitness Routine Doesn’t Have To End

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Summers nearly over but that doesn’t have to mean your diet and exercise plan has to go out the window. For some reason, people tend to get fitter during the summer. We think it’s because they’re keen to fit beautifully into their bathing suits. When it’s hot, you can’t help but show your body in public, whether it’s curved to perfection or overhanging with flab. But in the autumn and leading up to winter we can bustle up and hide our pot bellies under a big jacket. Yet, you may want to stay fit after summer ends so here are some easy ways to do it.

Change Your Routine

After the holidays, you’re going to be back to getting in your car in the morning and driving off to work. But, what if you made a change and instead added some exercise to your morning routine. You could cycle to the office each morning because that’s an easy way to keep the pounds off without thinking about it. If you don’t own a bike, Shinola’s bicycles are the ultimate blend of a stylish accessory and a fitness tool. We particularly like the vintage design.

Keep On Top Of Your Diet

You were dieting in June, but now that it’s too cold to wear your bikini the chocolate is a lot more tempting. Keeping up a diet is hard at the best of times and when you have to deal with going back to work, it can be altogether impossible. The best way to stay on top of it is to keep track of how much you are eating and how much you weigh. You can get a calorie counter and weight watcher app for your phone. That way you will remind yourself not to pig out at the fast food joints. It’s not worth it anyway.

Hit The Gym

You say you’re going to exercise but it slowly slips from your schedule until you’refit-771471_640 back being lazy on the sofa. To avoid this join a gym or renew your membership. You will notice the money going out of your bank account each month and you will find yourself eager not to waste it. Also, if you go to the gym you’ll meet people who will encourage you to keep pushing your fitness routine forward. You may find your body image gets better rather than slow getting worse.

Don’t Cheat

The easiest way to fall out of fitness is by kidding yourself. You say that one or two treats now and then won’t hurt. “A cigarette after work is necessary to relieve stress“, that’s what you start to tell yourself. But in your heart you know this is a lie and you are just giving in to unhealthy urges. Fight them back and you will be the hottest one in your office.

Drink Plenty Of Water

It’s not just about exercising or dieting. You need to keep your body fresh and clear by drinking plenty of water. You should have started when we told you to in May so keep at it. Remember, it only seems like you need a cup of coffee in the morning. You will feel far more refreshed if you have an ice-cold glass of water in the morning instead.
Don’t lose your fitness when you worked so hard to get it. Keep it up, we know you can do it.

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