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4 Ways To Stay Awake in the Office

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Spending long hours at the office can make it hard to stay focused on the task at hand. Whether you love your job or you see it simply as a way of getting by, you need to be able to concentrate properly on the work. A number of factors can contribute to your tiredness at work. Maybe you didn’t sleep well last night, or you didn’t have time to eat breakfast because you missed your alarm. Whatever your issue may be, there are a couple of things you can do to help combat fatigue and stay concentrated on the task at hand in the office. See below to find out how to stay awake in the office.


Why do you often see ‘would be’ writers and office workers taking five minutes out of their day to sit down in Starbucks and enjoy a coffee while going over the latest reports? The ambient background noise of cafes and coffee shops have been proven to increase productivity, as concentration can decrease when there is too much or too little background noise present.

If your office permits it, turn the radio on. Then, turn the volume down to a point where you can’t accurately discern the lyrics. It helps if you listen to songs that are upbeat or that you are unfamiliar with, because your brain will subconsciously be trying to work out the lyrics, keeping you awake for longer.

Cool Yourself Down

It is great to be comfortable in a nice warm office, particularly during the winter months, but warmth can decrease energy levels as your body isn’t working as hard to keep your body at optimum temperature. Splash some cold water on your face to increase alertness, or open a window to keep a cold breeze brushing through. Although it might be a bit uncomfortable, it will keep you awake and enable you to concentrate properly.


Eating small meals regularly can help keep energy levels high. Sweets and snacks that are high in sugar may give you a temporary boost of energy, but you will crash quicker and eventually feel more tired than before due to the effects of sugar on the body. Snack on various seeds and nuts throughout the day to keep energy levels high. Or, there is always natural peanut butter!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to ‘spend the whole day eating,’ simply chewing gum or crunching an ice cube in your mouth will also help to keep both the mind and the body alert, as the coldness of the ice keeps your body awake.

Sunlight and Fresh Air

Natural daylight is one of the best ways to wake up both body and mind. Your body’s internal clock is regulated by exposure to sunlight. So, being exposed to bright sunlight, coupled with brisk fresh air, makes you more alert and awake and ready to deal with the challenges of the day!

A good diet and a regular sleeping pattern also helps make you feel more awake. However, it is hard to stick to a sleeping pattern if you are used to late nights, and some sleepless nights can’t be avoided. Try these tips to help liven up your day!

Posture also plays an important part in keeping yourself awake and alert. Read the following WikiHow article on posture for some handy tips on getting it right.