#PetSmartStory: 4 Things You Did Not Know About Bengal Cats

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My boyfriend Chris and I recently decided add a new addition to our family-Our cat family that is. We already own a Russian Blue named Katniss and decided to get a more exotic breed this time around. We purchased a Bengal cat named Suki about 3 months ago. Suki is such a sweet cat and so lovable. She loves to sleep in my lap when I work, adores Katniss and has really worked her way into our hearts.

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If you are unfamiliar with the breed a Bengal cat is a cross between a domestic Ocicat and an Asian Leopard. That is where they get those gorgeous spots! But I have learned in the few months that we’ve owned Suki, is that there is more to Bengal cats we did not know about before getting her. Take a look at my list of items I bet you also did not know about Bengal cats.


They have a ton of energy

One thing that initially surprised me about Suki was her energy level. I knew we should play with her daily, but it turns out in order for her to be tired at night, she needs at lease 30 minutes of play time each day, or else she will keep us up all night meowing. Bengals need to play to get all their energy out or else they can get destructive. On days where we did not play with her, not only was she loud at night but she attempted to take her frustrations out on our feet, the curtains, and on Katniss-playfully of course.

They are incredibly intelligent

Another thing we quickly realized about Suki was how smart she is. We first discovered this when we noticed how quickly she could learn new things. She quickly learned how to get up on our very tall bed without jumping (since she is still so small) and how quickly she can pick things up. We got her this cat puzzle toy below and I’ve seen her solve the entire thing in as little as 10 minutes.


They have more of a howl than a Meow

Suki’s meow is a funny one. While I do not have hers on video myself, I figured I’d share how much different it is from a regular meow. The first time I heard her do this, I thought she was hurting or something. Later I realized, this is just how Bengals meow-or should I say Me-howl. (okay that was a lame joke, but I could not help myself)

Bengals should have a grain free diet

This is actually a good fact for any cat owner, not just Bengals. Bengals should be given a grain-free diet so that they do not have to worry about any diseases later on such as diabetes, allergies or just possible weight gain. Bengals are also known for having Bengal gut, which refers to them taking the stinkiest dumps you can possibly imagine. While this is not the norm, for Suki, she has a very sensitive stomach and when she strays away from her normal food, we pay for it with the smell.PETSMARTlogoNaturalBalanceLogo

Luckily, Natural balance Pet Foods® has a Limited Ingredient Diet which makes it easy on Suki’s Belly. PetSmart® Now sells Natural Balance so getting Suki the best Catfood means not having to go far for quality. I love Natural balance since they have an unparalleled selection of quality Pet Products. You can choose between wet or dry food and Suki and Katniss love them both. Suki really loves the freeze dried meat pieces she finds in the Wild Pursuit mix. But overall my cats can be healthy and happy with this brand.


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I am positive there are many more things I will learn about my Bengal cat Suki as time progresses, but one thing I can say is that there is nothing like having an exotic-like pet. Suki is really cute, and she is so fun to play with. If I had to choose again I would definitely pick a Bengal. They are the best!IMG_1850 2




#PetSmartStory: 4 Things You Did Not Know About Bengal Cats

  • Sara Holt

    I’m not really a cat person but with a kitten that cute… I could be (:

    • I call Suki our cat-dog since she does have some dog qualities. She likes to fetch, great you at the door, and if you don’t watch her, she may try to eat your flip flops lol.

  • Emma

    I wonder how they would be with dogs?

    • Emma, they are great with dogs! She was a little scared at first, but she loves wrestling with my sisters dogs. They are small (a min pin and a maltipoo) but she gets along just fine with them.

  • Bengal cats are so so pretty and Suki sounds like such a sweetie! I just adopted a chinese crested puppy and have been learning a lot about the breed since!

  • How fun is this?! I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats.. or dogs… because I’d love to have a pet. Glad you’re enjoying your new(ish) addition!

  • Kylie Katherine Souder

    I’m so obsessed with cats and this was such a fun read! Great data collection!

  • Oh my goodness! They are so cute!

  • I just love cats!!! Bengals are adorable! :)

  • I personally don’t like cats, but these are interesting facts!

  • Heather Serra

    What a precious little meow!!! My dog perked up when she heard it. lol. It was cute. You are so lucky! I want to cuddle this cat so bad. I didn’t realize they made kitty puzzles.Too funny! <3

  • Ally Gagliardo

    Ugh! I am obsessed with cats! I have two at my house at home, but at school I really miss them! I didn’t know that they should be on a grain free diet!

  • Cathy Keisha

    Gasp! You BOUGHT a cat when there are thousands in shelters including Bengal rescues? Oh well. At least she’s eating well.

  • What a beautiful cat! I’ve never seen anything like it! I really want one now!!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  • Cute, cute, cute, I love cats, I have had 3 in my life, they are very intelligent fun little animals