How to Achieve Beautiful and Luscious Lips

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ID-100113378When we go about our day, we don’t think about the damage done to our lips.  Between applying lipsticks and lip glosses, eating, drinking, and all other elements that can affect our puckers (i.e. weather!) our lips can become dry and chapped…not to mention painful!  Cleansing your lips is just as important as taking off your eye makeup and cleansing your face, removing all those damaging elements to leave a smooth, kissable pout. Cleansing your lips will also leave them much healthier, and in turn lipsticks will glide on smoothly and not dry out your lips so easily.  Below are easy steps for smoother, more luscious lips.




Yes, clean your lips!  While lip cleansing products are not yet flooding the markets, a good place to start would be deciding on what kind of cleanser is best for your skinbliss fabulips sugar scrub.  Some people may prefer a foaming cleanser while some will opt for a scrub.  Make sure to follow the product’s directions for the best results. Some require daily application while some ask that you only use the product two or three times per week.  Be extra careful if you have sensitive lips, as items such as scrubs and the daily use of these products can tear the skin and make your lips even more painful.  If you prefer a foaming cleanser, check out Bliss Fabulips’ Foaming Lip Cleanser.  Looking for a scrub?  Try their Sugar Lip Scrub.


After cleansing your lips, consider adding in a lip treatment if you have dry lips.  The benefits to treating your lips are the same as when you treat your face. It can rejuvenate, hydrate, and fight fine lines (yes, we get these on and around our lips!)  3LAB Perfect Lips is a good option, as it is full of vitamins and botanicals that also add volume for healthier looking lips. If 3LAB is a bit of a splurge, consider Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment.  This is especially good for hydration.

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Once your dry or chapped lips have healed, and you are ready to wear products other than hydrating balms (Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Rosebud Salve or Kiehl’s Lip Balm No. 1). Consider a collagen-boosting product that tingles the skin using spices and other ingredients to make the lips appear fuller. Buxom’s Full-On Lip Polishes also adds beautiful color!

Keep in mind that, just as winter can dry out our skin, it can have the same effect on our lips!  This is why it’s so important to keep them hydrated, especially during colder months.

What are some of your favorite lip products?


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