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Making Healthy Eating More Exciting

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We all know that we should be eating healthy meals most of the time, and when we have kids that becomes even more important, but the honest truth is that healthy foods aren’t always the most exciting and it can get kind of boring very quickly. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, and in fact, it has never been easier to make healthy eating more exciting for yourself and your family, you just need to know how.

If you want to make healthy eating more exciting for your family, here’s what you need to do:

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Try an Unusual Breakfast

Breakfast is often the most boring meal of the day, mainly because we tend to eat eh same things all the time in a bid to save money and make the mornings easier. This is totally understandable when you have to get the kids ready for school and yourself ready for work, but it’s hardly inspiring. So, instead of reaching for the yogurt and muesli, switch things up and try something a bit more unusual like ham quiche, Japanese miso soup with rice and fish or breakfast tacos. It’ll certainly spice up the morning meal.

Elevate your salads

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We all know that salads are good for us. They’re high in nutrients and low in calories, so they’re the perfect dish for weight watchers or healthy kids, but they are; let’s face it, probably in of the most boring meals out there, especially when made in the way most people make salads with bland lettuce leaves, tomatoes, and cucumber. If you want to make your salads more exciting, try adding more unusual ingredients like sliced fennel, tofu marinated in soy sauce ginger and garlic, jicama and grilled fish or check out MyGreatRecipes recipe app, which is home to some of the best salad recipes, including some of the most unique ingredients, you will ever find.

Try New Dining Experiences

Just because you’re trying to eat healthy doesn’t mean you can dine out, and in fact, trying out new restaurants that you might not have considered before is an excellent way of finding new healthy foods which you can eat in the restaurant and then try to recreate at home on another occasion.

Lots of Spice

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I think we can all agree that although turkey is one of the healthiest meats around, it isn’t exactly one of the most exciting, but you can change that, and the flavor of many other healthy-but-bland foods by adding lots of herbs and spices into the mix.

When you’re eating healthy, lots of excess fat and sugar aren’t desirable. Although they bring the flavor, herbs and spices are extremely healthy, and they can pack a powerful punch. So, take some time to build up your spice collection and don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavor combinations, your experiments won’t always work out, but that just makes them more exciting, and when they do work, you’ll be blown away by how much the blandest piece of chicken can be transformed with a little bit of cumin and a dash of turmeric.

Shape Them

If you want to get your kids enthused about eating their veggies, make them more exciting by shaping them into funny faces, cute animals or well-known cartoon characters. Many a Japanese parent takes the time to transform their children’s lunch boxes into amazing pieces of art every morning (look up bento box ideas), and you know what, it really gets the kids excited about healthy eating. Try it for yourself, and you might just be surprised by the results.

Add Lots of Color

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Another way to get kids to eat more healthy foods is to make it as visually appealing as possible, and a good way of doing this is by presenting them with a rainbow of colors on their plate. Mix it up with purple sprouting broccoli, yellow peppers, green broccoli and red tomatoes and the plate won’t look so bland and boring.

Eat Outdoors

I don’t know why, but when you eat outdoors, the food just tastes better. It could be the fresh air or the beautiful surroundings tricking the brain, but even eating the simplest of foods is a divine experience that the whole family will enjoy. So, fire up the barbecue or pack a picnic and start really enjoying all of those healthy foods that nature has seen fit to provide.


Is every meal an event in your home? What do you do to make even the most boring meals more exciting?

Healthy foods aren’t the most exciting. If you want to make healthy eating more exciting for your family, here’s what you need to do.