Getting Started With Yoga: What You Need to Know

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If you’ve never done yoga before, you’ve probably at least heard of it. Yoga is an exercise that not only improves the body, but the mind too. By getting into a variety of positions while focusing on your breathing, you’ll improve posture, core strength, muscle tone, and your mental health. Want to get started with this form of exercise? Here’s what you need to know!

Starting Yoga

Starting to do yoga when you’ve never done it before can be a scary thought. What if you fall on your face in front of everybody in a class? What if everybody is way more advanced? What if you just can’t do it? If you want to try yoga, you really shouldn’t let these worries bother you. Yoga classes usually range from beginner to advanced, so you should be able to find a class that is perfectly suited to you. ‘Yogis,’ as they are sometimes called, are usually very nice people too! So if you did happen to fall on your face, they’d help you up, make sure you were ok, and then forget all about it. Even if there are some harder positions and moves in a class, there are usually easier alternatives if you really can’t manage them. As you progress, you can make movements harder. For example, by taking a leg off the floor while planking.

Although yoga isn’t a fast paced exercise, it can certainly get you sweating and aching if you’re doing it right. Some classes might simply focus on breathing, while others may be a lot of slow core work. It’ll vary from class to class. It’ll all depend on your teacher too, as some do things differently. Some insist you take off your shoes, some play music, others don’t. Who knows, if you love it enough, you could become a yoga teacher too! Yoga is seriously addictive, and teaching it to other people can be very satisfying, says Centered Yoga. You never know!

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Where to Go

Many gyms now offer yoga classes, but you can find them in town halls being taught by independent teachers too. If you have serious anxiety about joining a class, there’s always the option of settling down in front of the TV/computer with some tutorial videos and doing it on your own. It can be much more fun with a class though!

When to Expect Results

You probably won’t be able to hold crazy yoga poses that we all see on Pinterest right away. It can take months and even years to achieve this level. The better you get, the better your results will get. However, don’t focus solely on the results. Focus on how you feel in your mind; how healthy you feel, how energised you feel. Focus on getting better at yoga, and the results will come naturally. Make sure you’re doing at least three sessions a week or a few thrown in with a regular workout routine for best results. Hopefully you now feel more confident to start your yoga journey!